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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Strategies How To Monetize Your Blog

This article talking about how to Increase your readers interest, keep people coming back to your blog regularly? And help you with blog link building, link exchange, contents building, title format and many other resources for a succeed blog. It really worth reading.

1. Choose the topic of your blog wisely. You don’t want it to be too broad or too specific. If it’s too broad, then your blog isn’t any different then the thousands of other blogs that discuss almost the exact same topics. If you make it too specific, you will have a difficult time coming up with new blog entries and your audience will be too small.

2. Stay consistent with your blog entries. If you normally post a new entry every day, then try and keep it up. Otherwise your viewers will stop coming back to see the latest posts.

3. “101 Ways to” lists, “Top 10″ lists, “How to” articles, etc are good ways to start your blogs. For some reason these posts get the most attention, are more interesting reads, and in turn get the most back links.

4. Comedy sells. The more humorous your blog posts are the more interesting your readers will be. Sure there are times when you need to be serious, but when your post allows for it, use as much humor as you can.

5. Publish your posts on Weekdays. Sure, you can publish some on Weekends too. However if you only have time to write your posts on the weekends, then write them then, but publish them on the weekdays. More people read blogs on the weekdays. You should always have posts stored on your computer for days when you can’t write. If you have extra time one day, write an extra post and store it away.

6. Encourage readers to digg your posts at, as well as the other social bookmark sites. There are plenty of social bookmarking sites out there. The more you have your site bookmarked the more traffic you will get. If you are using a WordPress blog there are social bookmark plugins that will automatically add these bookmark links under each blog entry. I highly encourage using the plugin.

7. Make your blog easy on the eyes. For example, don’t used a black background with blue text. You want a high contrast between the text and the background color. The easier the blog is to read and the neater it looks the more return readers you will have.

8. This isn’t always the case, but you should really try and focus your blog on topics that are “timeless”. You want these posts to generate interest for months or even years rather then just a few hours or days.

9. Even though you don’t know your readers personally in most cases, treat them as they are friends and family. Write things in your post directed to them as though they are your friends. The more you make the reader believe you are talking directly to them the more interested they will be.
10. BE UNIQUE – I think this is self explanatory.

11. Link to blogs that are similar to yours. Since most bloggers check to see where their traffic is coming from, if they see you linking to them they will in a lot of cases link back.

12. Use Meme trackers to find the hot topics. Meme trackers are sites that will track information posted on blogs and news sites, and then provide information about which topics are the hottest. The largest and most popular meme trackers are and When you find hot discussions, contribute to them. Your opinions can bring valuable visitors to your site, and will get linked to from other opinions on the topic. If you’re posts are tagged properly, people will be able to find them easily, so make sure you use tags on your posts.

13. Use forums to find topics which people do not understand or need help on. Then write a guide or tuturial on it.

14. Install a text translator on your blog. English is the #1 language online, but Chinese is quickly gaining. Why not cater to both English speakers and Chinese with a language translation script?

15. Set up blogs for other people and add a link within the sites script to your blog.

16. Trade links with other bloggers. It is better to trade them within posts rather then on the blogroll, since you don’t have to put a permanent link up. Check out to sign up and trade in post links with bloggers.
Now, I’m sure you want to know how you can make money through running your blog.
There are really 4 ways:

1 – Donation buttons
2 – Affiliate programs
3 – Advertising sales
4 – Paid to Blog Programs

(1) Donation buttons are a great way to make some money especially if you want to keep your blog ad-free. If you don’t have a paypal account, then you need to get one right now. Paypal offers donation links that you add to the HTML code of your blog. Your visitors can simply click this link and donate an amount of their choice. You would be surprised how many people actually donate money to blog owners (especially those that have ad-free blogs). There are a couple ways to encourage donations without sounding as if you are begging for them. The first way is to keep a tally of the total donations you have recieved, as well as the largest donation you have recieved from an individual. People like adding to a tally, and everyone has a little competition in them. Try this out before you add any advertising to your blog.

(2) Affiliate programs are a great way to generate revenue. If your blog is about technology, then you can sell high tech devices on your site. If you blog is about reading, then you can sell books on your site. Affiliate programs usually offer between 2-65% of the sale back to you. The higher range is for online products such as e-books etc where the production costs for 1 more unit is 0. There are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there. We feel,,, CNET, and are the best. However there are affiliate programs for just about every product imaginable. If you believe you would be able to sell a certain product on your blog, then go search google for an affiliate program for that product. One good way to really capitallize on commissions is reviewing a certain product on your blog. If the review is a positive one, then why not provide a link for your visitors to purchase that product? Afterall you get a percentage.

(3) Advertising sales are probably the most simple, yet one of the most efficient ways of earning money through your blog. There are 2 kinds of advertising sales. The first is where you manually sell advertising space on your site to people who need it. This is really the old-fashion way. Now there are companies that basically do the selling for you. Google Adsense is the most popular ad publishing agency online. You simply put a little HTML code on your site. Google does the rest. They will automatically crawl your site to determine what it is about. Then it will put ads up that have to do with what your site is discussing. You will then get paid everytime someone clicks on an ad. The amount you are paid per click ranges anywhere form a few cents to $50+. Remember when using Google Adsense, to NEVER click your own ads. This will get you kicked off of their program for life. The most used Blog ad publisher online is There are blogs that earn over $60,000 per month just by putting this code on their site. You name the price you want per advertising spot and then people can search blogads for a blog that matches their criteria. We highly recommend all blogs to use
There are also other advetising publishers out there which include:

- Yahoo Publishers
- – similar to google adsense but you get paid a fixed monthly income rather then on a paid per click basis.
- – If you have a shopping or technology related blog then try this one.
- – This is the most popular among bloggers with traffic of 1000+ unique visitors daily. You can sell ads virtually anywhere on your site through this broker. They do take 30% of your commission though, but you can usually find a good amount of advertisers here.

(4) Thats right, you can blog about peoples services, products or websites and get paid for doing it. If your blog is popular enough you can charge as much as $500 for a simple blog post discussing a service, or website that an advertiser is trying to advertise through you. Here are some of the Pay per blogging sites:

- As you can see offers range from $5-$400 per post and the top bloggers are earning in excess of $1,000 per month here. This site also offers money for posting at forums and even commenting on Youtube videos.
- – Another great site for bloggers to make money reviewing products, websites, and services.
- – Same as the sites above it. Also very active.
- – Advertisers meet Bloggers to have their products or services reviewed, or to buy contextual ads
- – Once you get approved to Blogitive, you are given instant access to opportunities from companies to post in order to generate buzz. You are then paid per posting
- – Paid to post a blog about companies, products or services. The advertisers have more control though over what is said.
- – Their advertisers pay you to mention and talk about their websites, products and services in your own blog.
- – Earn $6 to $100 dollars per post you write on your blog. Amount paid for each post depends on the overall popularity and page rank of your blog.

These are only a few of the other companies out there. There are lots more, so just search around.

Remember, starting and maintaining a blog is not like maintaining your yard at home. Whereas to maintain your yard, all you have to do is mow it, and fertilize it once in a while. Maintaining a blog takes a whole lot more. You not only want to maintain it, but you want to make it better every day. You want to set new goals on a monthly basis. Set these goals higher then you believe is a good target. Keep in mind that it takes atleast 1 full year before your blog will even be able to be remotely successful. This is why so many blogs fail. There are not enough type A individuals out there that work their butts off, even though they aren’t seeing much progress. It takes time, and effort. Don’t give up when you aren’t seeing the traffic and revenue that you had hoped for. Just make that another reason to work harder.

Now that you know all about blogging, it’s time to get start. So goodluck. Please feel free to post any of your questions here and we will be glad to answer them.
In the mean time you might want to check out a list of the most visited blogs online (that use sitemeter to publicly trace their stats):

Here are some of the Top Blogs about Blogs:
- – This is by far one of the most informative sites for all bloggers.

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