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Friday, April 01, 2011

How To Building Value With Social Marketing

timewastrsImage by cherwenka via FlickrSocial networks are for far more than kids. Social marketing is a science with many useful strategies for monetization and building value. How can you show value with your social marketing campaign? You might be different. You might be personal. You might get technical, answering questions. You might walk readers through what you do in a day. In other words, you get creative.

Here are a few useful strategies to get you started building value with social marketing.

Take Risks
This may seem obvious, but many of us forget social marketing was made popular not just when teenagers started using it, but when businesses started. Some early adaptors had huge success with Facebook and Twitter by taking a risk and trying something different. Think beyond your business page and today’s status update and do something complete out of the norm. Come up with a campaign that will utilize its interactive and viral capabilities.

Get Personal
The myth is that being personal is bad. Another myth is that you have to show what is happening in your life every moment. Unless you’re an entrepreneur living a vicarious life, this is unnecessary, but you can build value by showing happy moments you had with family. Instead of looking like a corporate suit out for money, you can appear to be a regular person living life. This boosts your value and makes you stand out from the competition.

Answer Questions, Or Ask
If your business is in a more technical field, perhaps one where customers don’t exactly understand how you help them, you might show them how you do certain things. If you run a computer design company, you may answer common questions about faults in computer designs, or how much it really costs to build a computer, or even how you build them in the initial stages. On the other hand, you may ask questions of your customers yourself. You may ask for complaints or how they use your product. You may ask how you can help them save money rather. These are the types of strategies that build value.

While creating an entire video can seem daunting, just about anyone can do it for cheap. And YouTube commercials actually get viewed, especially if you can somehow add humor. Just as some movie trailers have taken off on YouTube, your product on safely downloading music with the right program may become a hit. This happens more often than you might think.

Get Creative
Bottom line: Have fun with your social marketing campaign. Don’t follow all the rules you read online. Get creative and try some new ways to market your product or service and you’re sure to build value.

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