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Friday, July 17, 2009


Black Hat search engine optimization is usually doing by the people who are willing to get high ranking in short time. Black hat technique could be defined as an SEO technique which is unethical or unscrupulous and those techniques are used to get higher ranking without any hard work.

Black Hat techniques are unethical because:

* They break the rules of search engines
* They are neither user friendly nor Search engine friendly
* These are tricks over search engine spiders and they spread wrong information to it.

These are some Black Hat Techniques:

* Keyword stuffingBlack Hat-White Hat SEO
* Invisible text
* Doorway Pages
* Duplicate Content
* Hidden links
* Mirror Pages
* Cloaking
* Link farming
* Using irrelevant keywords


White Hat SEO is what that is against the Black Hat SEO. What we say Organic SEO, is all included in White Hat SEO. That is all ethical for Search engines. Getting back links naturally with some ethical jobs are what we call White hat techniques and Search engine always prefer that.


People get good ranking through Black hat and this technique definitely works but only for the short time. After that usually those sites get banned or they lose their ranking. Black Hat SEO usually have to face higher decline in their search engine ranking which means this technique is not stable and are totally useless and harmful for a site.

So the conclusion is that one should go for White Hat SEO which we called Organic SEO that is safe for your site and provides good ranking for your site’s life time.

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