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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Use Your Twitter for Better SEO

How does Twitter fit into your search engine strategy? Twitter recently made a series of changes to their title tags to help search engines better index their content. Twitter specifically changed the title tag so that it includes both the user’s name and Twitter identity. This will help Twitter pages show up much higher in search results for that users. Check out the title tag below for the Starbucks profile.
Robin Wauters on TechCrunch explains why Twitter is important for SEO: “If Twitter can dominate the number one spot for queries on people who have a public profile on the social micro-sharing service, that is one more entry point into Twitter which should help it continue to grow visitor traffic exponentially. Furthermore, more new users might be enticed to sign up to try out the service themselves because their friends or relatives are apparently using it too."

The Google and Yahoo search algorithms both seem to like Twitter. In the queries I have done for major brands and even friends, their Twitter pages show up in the first 10 search results. This is powerful stuff, especially if you are hoping to acquire more traffic and customers from search.
Twitter accounts are free and with the reprioritization of Twitter profiles in search results, you can use the messaging service to your advantage. If your Twitter account shows up near the top of search results, you’ll probably get a good amount of traffic coming to your Twitter profile, which you can monetize in two ways.
  1. Direct visitors to you website via your Twitter profile. Put your web address on your Twitter profile and you’ll find that some people click through to your site. Yes, that is a fairly narrow funnel when thinking about conversion and click thrus, but it’s free, so it can’t hurt.
  2. Grow your followers for future marketing efforts. The number of Twitter followers you have is a function of profile visitors. Get people to follow you and give them interesting updates and drive traffic to your site every few tweets.These tactics are simple, effective, and free.
There is nothing stopping you from doing it, so get started now. You can even track your Twitter profile with SearchPresence to monitor your rankings.


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