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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Generate Good Traffic via Digg

Everyone knows that if they want to get their blog/website visible and well-known by people, then social bookmarking via Digg website is must.

What if nobody visits your website? What would be the value of your web site? If you have fewer visitors it means you have a very bad traffic, and obviously if you don’t have any traffic your website will not give you any benefit.

Every webmaster has a common target to achieve a high Page Rank (Aka PR) and to top the search engines. Many webmasters spend huge bucks on those pricey marketing strategies and buy links to get high PR links. Buying links could increase your PR but, it cannot give you a large amount of visitors.

How to Digg?

Digging is very easy, just log into your digg account, submit your each story to digg and try to select an exact category for your story. Once you’re done with the submission of the story it will get display on most recent story page.

To get your story on the front page of Digg, you need some digg’s i.e. a number which increase when some digg users suggest your story. You will get more visibility on digg, if you have more digg points. If someone who already have digg many stories, and that person is one of the top digg users, he digg your story then you will be directory gone into his digg list. And then you will have a backlink from high PR page, because your story will be more visible on digg pages.

Story content is the most important thing you should work on. Just think of before posting, why viewers would like to digg your story? Hence, you should add some interesting content and effective keywords in your article which attracts a user to dugg your story.

Dugg from your website

Add a Digg it button in the end of your articles once they have been submitted to The reason to add the digg it button at the end of the article is because most people put the digg it button on the top of article which is not very much useful as readers will always dugg after reading the content. So the button should be inserting on the right place at the end of article.

Once you received about 10 dugg’s from the top 100 digg users, you will receive some good traffic from digg website. Also, you can follow these useful Digg tips.

* Always remember friends are the key. To expose your story faster add at least 20 friends on Digg
* Request your friends to digg your posts and do the same for them in return.
* Once you get to the front page about 20 times, it gets easy to attract the users towards your story.
* So your aim should be the top most diggers who posts and digg’s a lot.
* Create attractive titles like why, how, etc. Example: “Why Linux is the best OS”, “Top 20 reasons why Linux is the best Operating System”, “How to tweak Linux”
* Be careful with digg as many blogs are banned
* Don’t waste you time on digg groups as they are not much effective


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