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Monday, December 22, 2008

Google’s Traffic Estimator to Maximize Adsense Earnings

I’m sure a majority of webmasters and bloggers use or used Adsense at some point in time. And if you make a decent earning from it or if you barely make anything, wouldn’t you want to know which keywords would maximize your earnings the most? But more importantly, focus on the best paying ones? Well, try Google’s Traffic Estimator and it’ll help you with some high paying targeted keywords.

If you have a niche site then this should be a lot easier to do, especially since you have a majority of keywords you know you want to use before hand. For instance, if you have a Make Money Online blog, your main keyword should be “make money online” right? And when you write posts, I’m sure you include that particular term quite a few times.

Let’s use that as our example.

First, go to Google’s Traffic Estimator and type in various keywords that you usually use or are thinking about using. I typed in “make money online”, “making money online” and “earn money online” as you can see in the screenshot below (you can click on the image to see the full-screen). You can also set the options for different currencies, regions, etc.

Google Traffic Estimator

This tool is actually used for people that use Adwords and spend money to advertise their sites. A lot, if not all, affiliate marketers use this tool because they all do PPC advertising for their landing pages. So, in essence, we’re going to be using this to see how much they would be potentially paying for each click-through if their ad ends up showing up on our blogs.

Of course, these keyword ads are just an estimate on how much each click-through is worth but it’s not always accurate. But at least you can focus on having some of those targeted keywords show up on your blog. If you check out those keywords I used, they range anywhere between $1.00 to $3.00 per click (see screenshot below) which is definitely worth it.

Google Traffic Estimator screenshot

Now, how do we actually get those keywords to show up?

If you use those keywords enough, they should be automatically detected and show up but sometimes it doesn’t. So, you want to tell Google to target those keywords when they crawl your site so you can have those ads show up. To do that, all you have to do is put this code around your keyword:

<!– google_ad_section_start –>

Make Money Online

<!– google_ad_section_end –>

Though, keep in mind, this does not go over instantly and may take a few days or even weeks to actually get crawled and show up. I did this with one of my niche HTML sites and it took 2 or 3 days I believe.

Now if nothing shows when you enter your keyword into the Traffic Estimator, that probably means those are pretty low paying keywords. In my experience, those keywords are usually chump change like less than 10 cents per click.

I know this is a little more work just to get certain keyword ads to show up but there is a big difference between 1 click for $0.10 and 1 click for $2.50. Now I don’t know about you but I rather have 1 click for $2.50 instead of trying to get 25 clicks for $2.50.

And if you absolutely don’t want to do this for your blog, at least check it out. Who knows? Maybe this will get you into affiliate marketing and PPC advertising for your landing pages!


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