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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Adbrite Earning Blast Secret

AdBrite Secrets that sell clicks to real live traffic waiting to find your landing page are known by the pros. If you are a newbie to advertising using CPC or CPM, there are things you need to know. Things that make organic SEO as a means of driving ready to pay customers to your landing page a thing of the past.

Just imagine, no more manipulating your webpage so that you don’t wind up in Google hell. No more relying solely on other search engine sites ranking
system to drive legit traffic. If you only knew these secrets, you could kick all the organic SEO and Adsense to the curb.

AdBrite’s interstitial is a unique ad format. It is also the cheapest. Don’t let that fool you. For a starting bid of a penny per visitor, you can put direct traffic onto your landing page. This type of format is more successful with both branding and direct response advertisers.

Here Are the 16 Secret Tips That Sell

1. Choose ad type: Selecting from Banner ads
, text Ads, and full page ads can mean all the difference with your traffic. Some types work with a certain demographics; others work best with a certain type of product. Learn which goes with which.

2. Location of users: Selling a product world wide to all sorts of customers doesn’t always work either. For instance, people living in a northern climate that snows half the year might look for snowmobiles or ice fishing gear. Customers living in Florida or in the Asian-Pacific might be looking for tropical strength sunscreen or beach supplies. Learn to place your ads where those customers frequent that also want your product.

3. Gender: One of the most important details is the gender. If your product sells equally to both male and female customers, great. If not, don’t try to place your ads on pages for the wrong gender type, they won’t even click.

4. Age: Ever try to sell toddler toys to a teenager? Without targeting your age demographics, you might as well be selling baby bottles to 50 year old fisherman. The secret is to select the age group that most identifies with your main product

5. Income: If you sell high end product, and your ads are shown to those with below average incomes, you won’t see a dime coming in. Learn to pick the right ads and sites for those who can pay for your product with pocket change. Or else hear the sound of crickets.

6. Ethnicity: If you try to sell perm-solution to African Americans, or Curly Hair treatment to Swedes, you may not even get a click. Learn who uses your product most, and you will get good sales.

7. Preferred sites: Choose between displaying your Ad on all AdBrite publisher sites, or preferred sites who sell similar products to your own.

8. Keyword optimized: Most PPC companies use the keywords on webpage’s to place your ads. You don’t even have a choice. Now choose between placing your ads on optimized sites, or choosing sites that fit your concept.

9. While its hot: At the start of your new ad campaign, be sure to check out what’s hot and what’s not. Knowing what is going on in the publisher world and advertiser world may help you see how to optimize your traffic.

10. Finding deals: Sometimes, previously used ads go up for sale. Sometimes AdBrite cuts deals for its advertisers. Check out the deals page to find out if you could get a bargain for your ad.

11. Benefits of multiples: If you are really new, or your landing page is really new, then it might be a wise idea to check out multiple campaigns to see what converts best with your ad-copy, and then weed them out. Or competitor CPC’s may drop their campaigns and you could see a big hit of traffic.

12. Outside the box: Thinking outside the box may work even better. Instead of targeting an audience by keywords or specific demographics, look for sites your demographics might frequent the most, but may be unrelated to your product otherwise. You might just find a new slew of traffic waiting to be tapped.

13. Testing the waters: Test a variety of offers at low CPC rates for Run of Network ads.

14. Categorize: Make sure you add all of your key terms and fill in all the AdBrite categories and demographics that pertain to your main product. This will quickly identify your ad campaign properly so that your ad isn’t stuck in the wrong spot.

15. Looking high and low: Buy ads on both high traffic sites and low traffic sites. Sometimes little sites are just getting rolling. Your traffic could snowball along with theirs.

16. Variety: Show Ads Based On CPM or CPC. You’ll find yourself at some of the top websites. If you are running ad campaigns, or network campaigns, you can also choose the conversion tracking pixel to learn what really works for you.

The Nuts And Bolts

The bottom line is if you want real time traffic that isn’t just surfing a search engine, you need to be present on the webpage’s they frequent. AdBrite offers a brokering service to bring publishers and advertisers deals. Buying high quality text links is the most effective way to bring quality traffic to your site because you can choose from several key sites that will publish your advertisements.

This means that people who are looking for Products A on site 1 will see your product A and link to your site. Unlike Adsense, which anonymously publishes advertisements on many different sites and you have to hope that your ad doesn’t land on a page advertising product Z which is no way near like your product A.

Therefore, the more one-way links to your site for people looking exactly for product A means improved traffic to sales ratio. This also means higher ranking in Search engines for people looking for product A. See why you won’t have to worry about perfecting organic SEO to stay in the first three pages of a search engine?

If you want an inexpensive way to master massive traffic that beats your current traffic to customer ratio, then you need AdBrite. If you need traffic looking for product A, then AdBrite will deliver. These are AdBrite Secrets that sell what you have to offer to the customers you choose to advertise to.


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