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Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is your plan, the penalty for Google

Google-apparently a defining moment in time with his punishing sites with paid links, and almost constant changes in the algorithm, which Issuance recommend the game almost every day.

So what are you doing now to your site survives if it suffered the penalty from Google? You may well be classified, and today the big money from the traffic that Google sends to your site naturally - if so, that the flag they deserve your site or some form of merit or is not spam?

Su with a lot of people play the system, not surprisingly, eyelashes from Google SEO community to the occasion. We are those who under pressure they can deliver more relevant results, with some things that might question the moral level.

The point is, Google offers a ton of traffic. But the Web is very large, and Google will not be all and end all. You have to constantly look for other ways to route traffic to your site, such as:

Be active in forums - answers to the questions, not trying to sell our products or services - rather than to demonstrate their skills in your responses and people will realize that what you say, is a worthy and, in turn, use your product or service when they are ready.

Writing articles! I know that the old and tedious and boring - but as the first item, it is a great way not only to demonstrate that you know, but injections in your writing. Some people will not read you for your content, but because they love how things in perspective. It can not be underestimated.

Ask for help - I know that many people have a problem with this, but my car fails, I have no problems calling mechanic. Using the same approach on the Internet. If you need assistance in connection with the problem that there are people who can help. Many times in this process, it is the exchange of information leads to deeper and "real" relationship - as a lever to the left!

Tell "em, what do you think - and this applies to blogs, forums, articles and e-mail replies. Why pretend that you not?" What is too short to dry supporter of the law around and take advantage of other people.

Use your customers! I know I have just mentioned and do not let other abuse you, and now I would say, use your customers? What I mean is, your customers and other relationships, and if you do well for them, they refer to its other business relationships.

See model here? While Google is ideal for text on the basis of computer processes results at the end of the day, human relations (social engineering) is making money. Treat people with respect, ends any relationship with grace and you will see that over time, cause the mind is called Karma, the road back to you.


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