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Monday, July 21, 2008

Beat competitors using SEO ! How?

It does not matter what your business does, it will have competitors. If it is from selling baby clothes to web design there will always be people trying to be cheaper and better than you. If they are online they will be fighting with you for that number one spot in Google and to be able to beat them, you must know how to successfully compete.

Search Engine Optimization is a hugely important way in which you can compete with your competitors online but to be able to do these you need to know who you are up against just as much as you know about your products and services.

You have to take a look at competitor’s sites and come up with a list of all of the sites that may be selling the same thing or offering the same services. Look out for the ones at the top of search engine lists as these are the ones that are obviously doing well. While you are on the site be sure to take a look at the design, keywords used and anything else that could make this site the top of Google. You could also do a cheeky check of their back links with a back link checker to see where they are linked to, and maybe as for your link to be on there too.

When you have done your research you should then start to search for ways to increase the SEO Value of your site by thinking of better keywords that will be more effective, different content, maybe a new layout that is SEO friendly and anything else that you can think of to make you stand out above your competitor. This may take some time and it is not a one off, you need to do this regularly to stay better than the rest.

As well as trying to look at other’s ideas you should try to come up with things that your competitors haven’t thought of yet. Different and new ideas will increase your position and ranking but make sure this is tested and successful before you depend too much on it.

Keep going over your research findings and decide what is good and what is lame and keep an eye on what your competitors are trying out. If you know your competitors you are halfway to being a success.


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