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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SEO Glossary - Definitions of common SEO terms

SEO Tools - Alexa Rank Comparison

The Alexa Traffic History Graph lets you to make a traffic history graph for any website. Alexa calculates traffic rankings by examining the Web usage of lots of Alexa Toolbar users.

What is Traffic Rank?

The traffic rank is depends on three months of cumulative historical traffic data from lot of Alexa Toolbar users. It is a shared measure of page observation and users (reach). The three-month modification is determined by contrasting the site's current rank with its rank from three months before.

What is Reach?

Reach tells about the number of users. Reach is characteristically expressed as the proportion of all Internet users who visit a known site. Alexa tells about the users as per million. The three-month changes are determined by contrast a site's current reach with its standards from three month ago.

6 SEO Tools - Check Server Headers

Make sure server headers and confirm HTTP status codes. There are seven HTTP status codes that we are mainly involved in from an indexing and search engine marketing point of view. It is suggested that you confirm your URIs are recurring the proper Status-Code in the Server Header.

Status Code Description

200 OK The application has succeeded. The information go back with the response is reliant on the method used in the application.

301 Moved Permanently The application resource has been allocating a new permanent URI and any future orientation to this resource must use one of the returned URIs.

302 Found

The application resource resides for the moment under a dissimilar URI. Since the redirection might be distorted on occasion, the client must carry on to use the Request-URI for future requests.

304 Not Modified

If the client has carry out a conditional GET request and access is permissible, but the document has not been customized, the server must respond with this position code. The 304 response should NOT hold a message-body, and thus is always ended by the first unfilled line after the header fields.

307 Temporary Redirect

The requested resource exists in temporarily under a dissimilar URI. Since the redirection MAY be distorted on occasion, the client SHOULD continue to utilize the Request-URI for future requirements. This response is just cacheable if point out by a Cache-Control or terminates header field.

404 Not Found

The server has not found something matching the Request-URI. No sign is given of whether the circumstance is temporary or permanent. 410 Gone The requested reserve is no longer obtainable at the server and no onward address is recognized. This condition is predictable to be measured permanent.

SEO Tools - Class C Checker

The Class C Checker implement allows you to make sure whether a number of sites are hosted on the identical Class C IP Range. You might desire to utilize the Class C Checker if you own numerous cross-linked sites. If you perform, it may be additional efficient (for SEO reason) to host them on unrelated Class C IP ranges. Additionally, if you are going away to get original links from unrelated sites, you may desire to see whether they share the unchanged Class C IP range. Again, this can make a variation for SEO reason.

SEO Tools - Code to Text Ratio

What is the Code to Text Ratio?

The system to Text Ratio stands for the percentage of genuine text in a web page. Our satisfied ratio instrument extracts the text from section and the fasten text from HTML code and compute the contented ratio based on this in order.
Why is the Code to Text Ratio Important for SEO?

The rules to text ratio of a page are second-hand by search engines and spiders to compute the relevancy of a net page. An elevated code to text ratio offer you a better chance of receiving a superior page ranking for your page. Not every search engines are via the code to text ratio in their catalog algorithm, but the majority of them perform. So having an elevated code to text ratio than your contestant gives you a good quality set up for on-site optimization.

SEO Tools - CPM Advertising ROI Calculator

This calculator events your ROI (go back on investment) if you are via the CPM (cost per thousand) impressions publicity model universal to most banner and button ad crusade. Total monthly imitation from your CPM publicity This segment of the implement lets you put in previous month's number to calculate previous month's ROI. You can as well project after that month's number to calculate next month's latent ROI.

Estimated average CPM

Here you know how to put in previous month's number to calculate previous month's ROI. You can too project after that month's number to calculate after that month's potential ROI.

Click-through rate

Your click-through rate is the proportion of definite click-through for each number of imitations. For example, if you give for 5,000 imitations and obtain 50 click-through, your click-through rate would subsist 1%. Go into a percent number, not a portion. For occurrence, for 10% enter 10, not 0.10.

Conversion Rate

Your adaptation rate is the percentage of guests who approach to your site from a banner or button and convert into clientele, for example, by making a buy. Conversion rates differ by business, but an average adaptation rate you can utilize as a test would be alive 2-3%. Enter a percent integer, not a segment. For example, for 10% enter 10, not 0.10.

Average profit per conversion

Profit refers to the extent of cash you receive from a sale. For example, if you put up for sale a software package for $100 and it just price you $10, your earnings is $90. You have to supply this number as of your own records by approximation the average amount of income you generate from every conversion.

SEO Tools - Domain Age

A website’s period is one of the main factors used to rank it in the look for engines. Use this implement to find the time of some domain, counting your competitors’ or ones you might desire to buy. Big domains may obtain a slight edge in look for engine rankings.

SEO Tools - Future PageRank

This implement will inquiry Goggle’s diverse data centers to check for some changes in Page Rank standards for a known URL. Frequently all data centers will productivity the same, but if reservation throughout an update, you might obtain a glimpse of some upcoming alter in your selected URL's Page Rank value.

SEO Tools - Keyword Suggestions for Google

The Keyword offer implement for Goggle will help you choose pertinent and popular terms connected to your chosen key term. Just enter an input term and this implement will query in order from several Google look for, which it will utilize to determine well-liked and re-occurring stipulations used by websites in the identical industry. The relevancy of an input term is determined by including the number of times a particular term occurs. You can notice that on circumstance a term has an elevated significance than the term you go into. This is because it appears more often in Google searches related to your term than your input term does.

WARNING: Depending on Internet traffic because well as the keyword/phrase you decide, this reservation may take everyplace from 10 to 30 seconds to full. Please be patient.

SEO Tools - Multiple Data Center Google Search

This implement look intended for your keyword/phrase in dissimilar Goggle data middle. There is a lot of different Goggle data middle. All of these may respond with dissimilar results for the similar look for query. If you see consequences that differ from data middle to data center, it resources that Goggle is in the procedure of inform its index.

SEO Tools - Google Suggest Scraper Tool

The Google Suggest implement provides regularly searched expression based on the letters or vocabulary in your query. This keyword proposition tool produces ten keywords suggested by Google for the look for term you afford. Type in an expression or part of a word to produce connected keywords.

SEO Tools - Google vs Yahoo Search Results

This implement will run a look for query in the Google and Yahoo exploration engines and then graphically contrast the results. Users can contrast the keyword position on every search engine’s consequences. A line is drawn flanked by Google and Yahoo consequences for the same URLs. From these consequences you will notice how every search engine gives dissimilar page ranks for dissimilar pages by comparing their look order. Mouse in excess of the dots to see the URLs they stand for. Click on them to unlock the URL in an innovative browser window.


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