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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ow to Make Money Online by Buying and Selling on eBay

Buying products on eBay marketplace then resell the products on the same marketplace has become one of the ways to make money on eBay. There are now a number of people doing this. eBay is their primary products source and also their primary marketplace to sell products.

eBay Buying
Nothing is complicated when buying products on eBay. Search for the products you like to sell and place your bid on them to buy the items. When finding products on eBay, one of the ideal sections to look for is the wholesale lots category of eBay. You may find some good deals there on an ongoing basis.

But keep in mind that the sellers typically auction large lots of products. If you just started in eBay, make sure you know what you are buying.

Don't place your bid too high to get the items that you want to sell. Your purchase price per item should be at 1/3 or lower of your selling price. The shipping, handling and insurance charges will drive up your cost. So, you should also take these charges into account when placing a bid to purchase your inventory on eBay. Many buyers like to wait until the auctions near ending to place a bid. You may need to watch your items closely and try to buy them at the last minute or two.

Besides the wholesale lots category of eBay. You should also check out other categories like cell phones, laptops, computers, electronics, video game and etc. People often auction their used items in these categories. You may find few months old cell phones or laptops selling at a great low price. Used and fully functioning video game consoles and electronic items sell for half price or lower. All these used items can be bought and resell on eBay for profits.

eBay Selling
Once you have purchased some items, you can start reselling them on eBay. Create an auction for each of your different items. Upload the photos that capture the different angles of your items. Write an attention-grabbing auction title and a clear description for your each auction. After setting up your eBay auctions, your products are up online and ready for sales.

You should try to limit your auctioning costs as these little costs can add up quickly and cut your profit especially if your product doesn’t sell. Gallery listings, special layouts and bold faced listings can make your auction special but they will cost your more money. So, it is necessary to control your costs of auctioning to make sure they don’t reduce your profit too much.

You can choose to use software that is very inexpensive or free which will help you list your items. Using the software you can create designer listings and add pictures without paying extra fees.

Then you need to set your policies for product shipping, return and refund; and decide if you want to ship the product outside your country. The next thing to think about is what payment methods you want to accept. PayPal is a safe and convenient payment processor. Many buyers prefer to use Paypal to make payment for their purchases. So, you should ready to accept Paypal. It could bring you more sales if you also accept other payment methods such as bank wire, check and etc.

Overall it is not difficult to set up an online business that makes money by buying and selling products on eBay and one good thing about this business is that you can start slow and keep you current full-time job. As you learn and experience more about eBay buying and selling from time to time, you can start buying and selling more on eBay for greater profit. This is how people make more money buying and selling products on eBay.


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