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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Google Dies !

The end is nigh, Google, and you must know it. For a long time now it has been evident that search was not a secret alchemy after all. The code Google cracked was equally worked over by Teoma, Wisenut, Raging, and a list of others. Now Yahoo has deployed it. Their results no longer say powered by Google, and they will soon have no need for Google after their Inktomi acquisition is digested. It may already be.

The other little usability gimmicks: cached page, similar pages, minimal UI, no graphic advertisements, image search? All copied easily. And Yahoo has upped the ante slightly with their "open in a new window" icon.

The other side of the puzzle is advertising, where Overture has Yahoo over a barrel. Yet Google shows how the search engine can be free of such concerns. Open it up to private advertisers with credit cards. Price per click. You're done.

Is there anything more to Google than that? Not really. And remember that Yahoo and MSN are already better integrated into PC desktops, MSIE, mail and other personalizations. They are more sticky. Google is not at all sticky. The instant a site becomes more practical than Google, you stop using Google and forget that it ever existed.


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