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Friday, March 11, 2011

Free Backlink Tools Encyclopedia

Backlink Tools Encyclopedia will introduce 16 Free Backlink Tools on the internet, these tools will surely help you to optimize your websites and boost your SERPs.
Here we listed the most useful and popular 16 backlink tools:

* Yahoo Site Explorer – This one may be the most popular and well-known outbound links detected and analyzed tool. Yahoo Site Explorer is the quickest tool for discovering site backlinks. It’s free and easy to use, just open yahoo homepage and enter “” like “” (No quotes) to start.
* Analyze Backlinks – A tools for analyzing your competitors backlinks.
* Backlink Watch – Backlink Watch is a popolar backlinks checking tool. It can detect your backlink Urls in just one step, very convenient.The particular is it will marked out the “nofollow” links.
* Google ( – Same with Yahoo Explorer, usually google backlinks result is much less than Yahoo but the results from google are all the one which affected your site more.
* Alexa – The links which display on Alexa backlinks checker are the one which do most help to your site, however, Alexa update is slower.
* Bad Neighborhood Text Link Tool – A tool that check the backlinks stats, both outbound and inbound links.
* SoloSEO Link Search Tool – A particular backlink tool. When you enter a keyword, it will create a series of backlink Footprints, include blogs, directories, forums, etc.
* Webconfs’ Back link Anchor Text Analysis – A tool for analyzing you and your competitors websites backlink anchor text.
* Webconfs’ Back link Builder – Enter your keywords, the tool will help you find out the backlink resources which you need, it judged by words like “Add site”, “Add URL”, “Submit link”, etc.
* Firefox SEO Plugin – Powered by SEObook. It can analyzed the site’s PR, backlink quality and quantity, .gov, .edu, social networking links quantities, and the most important is when a link is “Nofollow”, it will be marked out as RED.
* Google Webmaster Tools
* Link Harvester – Another tool powered by SEObook.
* Search Combination – A tool for finding backlink resources. similar with Webconfs’ Back link Builder
* Recip Links – Friend links checking tool.
* Link Appeal Tool – Friend links checking tool.

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