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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Optimizing search images

Image optimization is a relatively new trend in the world of search engine optimization organic. As more and more to the image content to Google and other search engines to find the amount of traffic is maintained by the image search more and more important. Images to optimize the effort worth making, not only for Web content of the image, but also to the industries in which the images are not the main or even a product built.

When your website appears in search results screen, and draw new visitors and customers need to optimize your website for image search. This is not hard to do, but still require time and effort on your part. These are the steps to optimize your website for image search.

I think the images on your site

First job is to figure out how to use the images on your site and what type of images you would. The point here is that targeted traffic is, people need to attract the products or services you may be interested in not only the images on your website. First, think about how to generate interest in its potential customer base with pictures and your choice of image content in your sales pitch.

Once you've been with ways to use the images on your site you can search for them.

Find / Create images

There are two ways you can go to get the images to your website. First, you can create yourself. In this case, be sure to add some kind of copyright protection, such as "image your_name 'or' your_website image" watermark image, because theft is a real problem and you can create content that get scrapped.

If you have something, but Michelangelo always a second option: You can get the images elsewhere. The site for free images, photos or ask someone for you for a fee or a beer.

Optimize Image Search

If the images in the place you can start optimizing for image search. Here is a list of things to see:

- Alt tags

Alt tags are perhaps the most important factor in the search algorithm image classification. An Alt tag is a description of the image, which helps search engine crawlers to determine the relevance of the image. In addition to the Alt tag is displayed instead of the image in cases where users have disabled in your browser images or the image can be displayed for some reason. Make sure your target keywords in the alt-tags for use. Moreover, as "image" "image" words like "image",,, etc are often attributed to keep the search query

-. Filename

Try to include the file name with the keywords, but make sure they are logical. Note that the scripts are better word separator then underlines

-. Avoid images with the same

If you make one and the same image in different sizes, they have received, not all indexed. The best way is to find the robot access to versions of the image that you want to index (thumbnails, for example) in the robots.txt file denied

-. Build Links

liaise with page images. The easiest way to do this is to turn the page to social bookmarking sites before.

These tips will help you narrow the search for images and get a good drive traffic to your web site to see hope.

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