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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


For a beginner a new blogger like me (hadisetyo) entered the blogging world like me hadisetyo), is the happiness and pride withdrawn if the new blog is created does not need a long time indexed in google search engine. Why do I say like that, because apparently this is not an easy matter, need a certain knowledge if you want to create a new blog indexed in google search engine quickly. In the world of blogging and the blogging specialty, the science must be learned by a beginner blogger, known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO usually abbreviated. As a new blogger, I actually did not specifically learn about the science of SEO, because it does not have a teacher in addition to SEO, from my results, it seems that SEO knowledge taught by the master SEO itself does not have a standard, or it can be said each has a tricks alone. So I concluded that the experience is enhanced with a little knowledge about SEO, it will make us understand what indeed the desired search engine google web blog so that we quickly enter into the memory robotnya. That is, each must bloger understand what SEO is called the Basic or the basics of SEO.

On this occasion, I (hadisetyo) will try to share tips with readers of bloggers, especially beginners, the tips where this is indeed my experience against some of the things that I do related to the effort that my web blog indexed faster in google search engine. Tips result of this experiment is purely to do the repetitive, combined with a little basic knowledge about SEO.
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