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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Long Term Strategy For Your Internet Business

The internet is perhaps the largest market place ever. Thousands if not millions of potential customers for your business are on the internet. The internet also presents a unique challenge for your business. The easy access provided by the internet gives any internet business as much competition as you can imagine.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Some studies indicate that up to 80% of internet users resort to Google to find information about any topic they're interested in. Search engine optimization is the process taken to ensure that internet users will find your website when ranked among the top results of a search.

To get your website search engine optimized focus on these basics:

1. Keyword research - ensure your keywords are relevant to your product or service. Determine which keywords attract maximum traffic and which generate maximum results. Also keep an eye on the density of the keywords in your copy. Optimal keyword density for search engine optimization is between 1% - 3% for each keyword/key phrase that appears in your copy.
2. On-page factors - your most important keyword is part of your domain name, and also appears in your title tag. Use Flash only for banners and buttons. Keep internal navigation simple. Do not use frames. Do not use hidden text or links.
3. Off-page factors - back links are very useful and help get you higher rankings in the search engines. Try and get back links from high page rank sites (Google Page Rank of 6 or better, Alexa rank of 100,000 or less). Submitting articles to article directories, blogs, and forums are the best ways of getting quality backlinks. Reciprocal links are not as useful for search engine optimization as they once were, and sometimes excessive reciprocal linking can even get you penalized by the search engines.
4. Content - is important for SEO especially unique content. It makes a huge difference if your content is not just rewritten content from other websites. Also update your website with fresh content on a regular basis for search engine optimization.

While with SEO you don't pay for clicks but you do need to do research to get the combination of ads and target audience that will make your internet business succeed. Search engine optimization is a long term process requiring many months. Once accomplished your internet business will be rewarded with a steady stream of profit.

In my next article we'll look at the role Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising plays in your overall internet marketing strategy


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