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Thursday, June 04, 2009

IIs Your Web Site SEO and Social Media Friendly?,

In this economy, few companies feel comfortable spending big buck promoting their Web sites. The alternative is to do everything you can in the areas of seach engine optimization and social networking -- and Lee Odden over at the Online Marketing Blog has some great tips.

Odden's post, called Is Your Web Site SEO and Social Media Friendly?, points out that "People discover new sites through search, but also through recommendations made via email, word of mouth and through social media content" in sites like Twitter and Facebook. Just as important, Odden says, "links that occur as an outcome of social media participation can provide positive signals to search engines and affect search visibility."

First comes search, and the key is to make your "Web site easy for search engines to find, make a copy of, understand and rank in search results." Odden lays out 6 key considerations:

  1. Crawlable content

  2. Site organization

  3. Internal links

  4. Keyword usage - content optimization

  5. Code/HTML optimization

  6. Inbound links from external web sites

For Social Media Optimization (SMO)-- a term I just made up -- Odden has three key points:

  1. Fresh content

  2. Social content

  3. Easy to share

SEO and SMO may not make your site super popular, but it can only help. And In Today's Econony (ITE, and I didn't make up that one), it's good to know that it takes mental attention and old-fashioned elbow grease, not massive applications of cash, to make it work.



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