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Thursday, June 25, 2009

How do you optimize tweets with hash tags?

Always keep in mind what purpose the hash tag is serving. Generally hash tags will only provide value if it is, or has the opportunity to be a trending topic.

I would define a trending topic as something that people will naturally want to talk about, but more importantly, it has to be something that people will want to read about, in real-time. Breaking news stories will always work well for this, because it has every component needed to be a trending topic. Another great example is a question that everyone has the desire to answer. There has to be a motivating factor behind your hash tag that will make the reader wish to re-tweet or respond.


1. Your best drunk text message… #DrunkText
2. Breaking up in less than three words… #3BreakupWords
3. I wish I was a… #WishfulThinking
4. What is your favorite drink? #FavDrink

As you can see, most of those have a motivating factor and have the potential to become a trending topic because they evoke a sense of urgency in the response. It is a challenge to the reader. It is a private invitation to them specifically.

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so a trending topic is often related to that.

I often see hash tags such as “#seo”, “#green”, “#eco-friendly”, and “#twitterbook”. What people don’t realize is that these are a waste of space unless timed perfectly.

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