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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seo For Blogger :Straight from Google by Matt Cutts

seo tipsI want to share some SEO tips by Matt Cutts who is the head of Google’s Webspam team.He just gave a talk at WordCamp San Francisco 2009 about SEO, Page Rank, Keywords.

The presentation is really useful. I am going to share some parts of the presentation in detail.

On first few slides, some pictures of Matt’s cat are shown and then pagerank philosophy is discussed which I don’t like and I don’t want to know about it… oh not about cat but about pagerank.

Here is the video link.

The slide which I liked most is:

SEO tips: keywords

  • Think about the keywords that users will type. Include them naturally in your posts

    “usb drive”

    “thumb drive”

    “flash drive”

    “pen drive”

  • ALT attribute are handy (3-4 relevant words)

  • Don’t forget image search, videos, etc.

From this slide, I have extracted two many things:

1. Thinking the keywords that users will type to search. Yes, don’t think like machine, think like human being. Just imagine that you want to search something about which you are going to write, so how will you do that and what words will you use to search? Include those words in your post. Like I am writing this post about SEO, so I will try to include some words like “blogging SEO, how to boost the traffic, how to optimize the blog etc”

2. Include the words naturally. It is very important. Don’t fill up your whole post with the keywords. Use systemically and naturally as if you are talking with someone.

3. Image and video optimization is also very important. How to do that? Read this beautiful and award winning article about wordpress SEO from

Another slide with SEO tips is:

SEO tips: keywords

  • Use categories that are also good keywords

  • Keywords in url paths:

  • Dashes are best

  • Next best is underscores

  • No spaces is worst

  • Someone should ask me: what if I’ve already done my site? Should I change things?

1. Categories are also keywords. Wow…. I never paid attention to it. Now I will select the categories with great care.

2. The other important thing in this slide is URL paths. Read the above mentioned article from and you will learn how to make good and optimized urls.

So this is all which I extrated from these slides but of course you can learn a lot more from them.

Why to pay for SEO when you can do it yourself?? Isn’t it simple??



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