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Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to Master Twitter in about 10 minutes Updated Version

Twitter has changed since version 1 of this report. In the 2009 edition I have updated the tutorial with new screenshots, some new features and removed old content that doesn’t apply anymore.

The purpose of this tutorial is to get you up and running in Twitter in the minimum amount of time with no fuss or frivolous banter in-between. You will also get some pointers on how to set ourself up for reasonable success too.

Get up to speed will you! Get this now and get updated.

Table of Contents

Messages From The Author
About the Author
1 How To Create Your Twitter Account
2 Setting Up Your Account
Step 1 Your Account Settings
Step 2 Enabling Your Mobile Phone For Twittering
Step 3 Setting Your Notification Preferences
Step 4 Upload Your Profile Picture
Step 5 Customizing The Look Of Your "Homepage"
3 How The World Sees Your Twitter Page
If they’re logged out of Twitter
And when they’re logged in
4 Announcing Yourself!
5 Playing Follow The Leader
Following Your Sponsor
Inviting Friends To Follow You
Searching Twitter To Find People to Follow
Finding People to Follow from the Public Timeline
Managing Twitter
So What Are You Doing?
Appendix A: How To Generate Even MORE Followers
Appendix B: Personalizing This Tutorial With Your Name

Download here. Or click on the image.


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