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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

List of Twitter Tools That Make It easy

Looking for the list? It’s after the jump…

Ad Networks

FeaturedUsers - “FeaturedUsers is a Twitter application ad network. If you’re a Twitter user, it’s a great way to get more followers and support your favorite Twitter apps. If you’re a Twitter app developer, it’s a simple way to start monetizing your application.”

Be A MagpieOur customers sign up and create campaigns which consist of magpie-tweets (i.e. ads). Twitterers allow us to post magpie tweets among their tweets and for them to get paid for it.

TwtQpon - Generate coupons that can be distributed via Twitter

adCause - cause-based advertising via Twitter

TwitAd - another Twitter advertising network

What’s Your Tweet Worth - partner site to TwitAd; supposedly determines how much you could make via Twitad

Badges & Widgets

TwitterSalt – Show your latest tweets with a simple cut and paste line of code

TweetRoll - Show your how many followers you have and who they are

SayTweet - Create a Twitter widget that integrates a photo of your choice

Twitterati Badge - Create a javascript badge of your Twitter feed (as it appears to you, so it includes tweets from those you follow)

Twitter Widgets - The official site for Twitter Widgets, straight from the horse’s mouth

TwitterCard - generates a 125×125px badge to display your latest tweets

Twitter My Site - Custom follow icon generator

SigPad - generate dynamic email signatures that show your tweets (or flickr photos, etc.)

TwitSig - Creates a widget displaying your latest tweet

TwitIMG - shows your latest tweet

Twitter Sticker - another Twitter widget creator

Twitter Ribbon - Create a corner ribbon ad for your twitter page

TweetSnap - another widget creator

Real-Time Chatterbox - a really nice looking, customizable, keyword searchable widget

MyTweetElite - I have no idea what it does because they require you to tweet a BS message to even see the app.

Diet & Exercise

TweetWhatYouEat - Food Diary & calorie tracker

FoodFeed - Food Diary - just for fun


Unique and Miscellaneous:

PoopTag - Um…yeah. Just go check it out. (Totally SFW.)

Twenglish - Translate your normal, gramatically correct english into “Twitter speak”

TwtCard - send a greeting card (no login required)

TwtVite - event management service via Twitter

Tweeght - Post and vote on quotes via Twitter

Twypos - collects tweets containing Typos

Twash - A vote-able database of awesome Tweets

Unicode Symbol Map - Icons that can be cut and pasted into your tweets

GamerDNA - Share your gaming habits with your followers

Twootball - Football related tweets

innterTwitter - zen moments, brought to you by via Twitter

TweetWants - Wants that people have tweeted

TweetFAILS - A collection of tweets featuring “FAIL”

Swotter - A book posted to Twitter, 1 line a day - shows tweets that were subsequently replied to with the statement “That’s what she said”

MyTweet16 - see any Twitter user’s first 16 tweets

Tweetvalue - supposedly determines the value (in $) of your Twitter account

Twitmatic - view a real-time stream of the videos that are being shared on Twitter

TweetBeats - Some sort of heartbeat-like visualization of tweets - no explanation as to how it works though

Twistori - Gorgeous Twitter visualizer for specific words: love, hate, think, believe, feel, & wish

EveryTweet - random tweets displayed

e-Penis - how big is yours?

Hot-or-not meets Twitter:

TwittyPop - Lists the hottest Tweeps

Twit or Fit - “Hot or Not” for Twitter

TwtPets - “Hot or Not” for pets of Tweeps.


Whose Tweet? - Quizzes you on which of your friends tweeted a phrase

Twrivia - tweets a daily trivia item

ouTwit Me - some sort of quiz game…Can anyone explain?

The Twitter Tag Project - Like Facebook pokes, but for Twitter

LOLwrus - tweets + flickr photos = roll your own LOLcatz

Twitchance - an actual, Twitter-based lottery (not sure of the legalities, but…)

Dream-related tools:

DreamTweet - Anonymously post your dreams to Twitter

TweetDreams - Not so anonymously shows a feed of tweets mentioning dreams

Visual Interfaces for Twitter (of the entertaining ilk):

Twoogie M.D. - Doogie-style interface for Twitter

Twitter Magnets - Mashup of Twitter and fridge magnets


Unique and Miscellaneous:

TweetChat - allows you to focus on a specific hashtag group by limiting your stream view to just that topic

SXSW 2009 Twitter Visualizer - created by Pepsi? Very cool though…

Helveti-Tweet - collects all tweets regarding Helvetica

Group Tweeting Tools:

ConnectTweet - Collect related tweets into a single account - allows multiple people to tweet to one account

Social: Twitter for Events & Groups - create an event username and all guests can tweet to that account from their own username

GroupTweet - Create a Twittername for your group and then everyone who is following & followed can message to the group via DM

TweetParty - group your followers and send DM’s to groups

Group Directories (brands, interests, celebs, etc.):

Twitter Groups - directory of Twitter groups

Top Follow Friday - Twitter directory for #FollowFriday reccomendations

Follow Friday Statistics - Another #FollowFriday directory

ThinkClimbing - Directory of tweeting climbers

Tracking Twitter - list of brands, media tweeps, celebs, & TV tweep on Twitter

Social Brand Index - list of brands on Twitter

TwitterPacks - find new people in these groups by topic, location, etc.

Pornstar Tweet - A Twitter stream specific to tweeting pornstars

Celebrity Tweet - A Twitter stream specific to tweeting celebs

WeFollow - new directory of tweeps by Kevin Rose; put yourself into the system then find others with similar interests

Qapture - shows feeds for the “top” people in design, strategy, and advertising categories

ExecTweets - directory of the top business Twitterers by category

Twitter Customer Service - The ultimate list of Stores on Twitter (great list!)

Actors, Directors, Screenwriters on Twitter

Topic-based tweet grouping tools:

TweetWorks - View tweets by topic group or threaded discussion view

Tweetizen - Collects Tweets by topic

Follower Management

Unique and Miscellaneous:

Tweeter Tags - Tag your profile with relevant interests/keywords and search for others to follow via tags

Twitter2FF - syncs your Twitter and FriendFeed contacts

MrTweet - Finds relevant people for you to follow and shows who follows you that you don’t follow in return

New Follow Notify - Auto-DM’s your new follows a questionaire (probably not a good idea…)

Twalala - filter tweets out of your stream by keywords and phrases or mute individuals who get a bit too chatty

Follow Cost - “How annoying will it be to follow _____ on Twitter?”

Mr. Milestone - notifies you every 100 followers reached (100, 200, etc.)

Twitnest - Interesting visualization of your followers and theirs

Twittersnooze - unfollow and then automatically refollow your tweeps for a present period of time

Twimailer - sends a beefed up email regarding new followers

Tweeple Twak - in private beta right now…so I don’t know exactly what it does

Top Twitter Friends - interesting visualization of your Twitter network

Twibes - like #followfriday for any day of the week; recommend 10 friends that your network should follow

TwerpScan - analyzes your followers based on some cool algorithm thingy

Bulk management tools:

My Cleaner - Helps clean out people you follow who’ve been inactive for quite a while

Twitter Karma - bulk management of followers and those you follow

UnTweeps - bulk management of tweeps who haven’t posted in 30, 60, or 90 days

Tweepler - Follow/Ignore new followers

TweetSum - Vet recent followers via a drag & drop system

Twitoria - Twitoria finds your friends that haven’t tweeted in a long time so you can give them the boot!

Mutuality - bulk unfollow tool for people not following you back

FlashTweet - another bulk management tool

Tools to show which tweets lost/gained followers:

Tweet-Rank - shows which tweets you gained or lost followers on (didn’t work for me, but it’s in German which I don’t read, so it may have been user error)

TweetEffect - shows which tweets you gained or lost followers on (Seems suspect IMO)

Qwitter - Sends an email letting you know when someone quits following you, and after what tweet (many, including myself, have had trouble with Qwitter lately…)

TwitterLess - Lets you know when someone stops following you; also graphs your follower trends over time; still waiting for this one to kick in for me…

Find new followers based on who your friends follow:


Who Should I Follow?

Find new followers based on a keyword search:




TweetBurn - find people to follow based on the topic they’re talking about

Twollow - auto-follow tweeps who’s tweets include a keyword of your choice

Twollo - not to be confused with the above, but it does the same thing…

TweetPenguin - follower recommendation based on interests - creates a “lineage chain”

Who’s following who tools:

DoesFollow - very simply: “Does ____ follow ____?”

Friend or Follow - Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back? Find out!

TweepDiff - compares the followers of two tweeps

Who Follows Whom? - A grammatically correct checker for up to 5 Tweeps at a time

TwtrFrnd - Find what followers two tweeps have in common

Tools for gaining new followers (of questionable value, IMO):

Hummingbird - auto-follow tool that costs $200

TweeterGetter - pyramid scheme for getting Twitter followers

I Follow Back - pyramid-scheme-ish system for gaining followers (you sign up and agree to follow at least 90% of those who follow you)

TweepMe - Another “I follow you, you follow me” scheme

Ranking Systems

ReTweet Rankings:

ReTweetRank - a system for ranking based on retweets

ReTweetist - see your ReTweet rank

ReTweetability Index - another ReTweet ranking system

Rank your Friends:

FavTwits - Find out who you’ve been talking to on Twitter

TwitTangle - customizes your timeline based on your ranking and tags of those you follow

Tweeterate - Rank/rate tweets from your tweeps

Evaluation Tools:

TweetActive - find out how active you and your friends are on Twitter

Twitter Score - Evaluates your Twitter Popularity

Tweetwasters - estimates the amount of time you’ve spent on Twitter and ranks you against other tweeps

Twitter Grader - one of the better ranking systems out there; also offers people you should follow

PlusPlusBot - aka TwitterKarma; difficult to understand, but apparently it works

Happy Tweets - ranks the happyness quotient of tweeps’ tweets

Twitterholic - yet another

Favorited Tweet Tools:

fav.tweets - all of any Twitter user’s favorited tweets

Twitfave - see which of your tweets have been faved and by whom

Location-based Services

Map Tools:

TweetMapper - Map your Tweets

GeoTwitter - A simplistic Twitter + Google Maps mashup

Atlas - Twitter and MS Virtual Earth mashup

TwitterVision - another Twitter/map mashup; nice looking

TwitterMap - yet another

Mmmeeja - plot your followers on a map

Find Tweets/Tweeps by Location Tools:

Chirp City - breaks down tweets by geographic areas

Twellowhood - find people to follow by geography

TwitterSPY - Tweets by location

Twuzzer - Find tweets from your neck of the woods

SadakMap + Twitter - another location-based Tweet app

Weather Tools:

Twitter Weather - Weather forecasts via Twitter

Personal Finance

TweetWhatYouSpend - finance management tool for Twitter (if you want to put all your expenditures online…

Xpen$er - tracks your spending via any mobile input mechanism (including Twitter)

TipJoy - Send $ to tweeps via Twitter

StockTwits - sharing stock/finance info via Twitter

Productivity & Sharing

Unique & Miscellaneous:

Twe2 - allows receipt of Tweets via SMS in Europe (among others)

Postica - Create and send sticky notes via Twitter

Twiggit - lets your Twitter followers know what articles you’ve Dugg (Digged?)

TrackThis - Package tracking via Twitter

TweetReplies - your @replies delivered to your email

Tweet O’Clock - Find the best time to tweet someone

Fuel Frog - track your gas mileage and fuel consumption

CheapTweets - deals, coupons, bargains, and sales via Twitter

TwTip - compiles tips shared on Twitter

TikiTwit - Syncs Twitter with your iChat status

Topify - Email service that allows replies, DM’s, and follows via email

Twollars - Twitter-based economy. Give twollars for things you dig, get twollars for things you say. Donate twollars to charities who will really get money for them

TwitterJobSearch - searches twitter for job listings based on your search terms

Tweleted - recover deleted Twitter messages

BakerTweet - Physical computing meets Twitter in the kitchen; alert system for bakeries from the folks at POKE

Twitter-based classifieds:

iList Micro

TwtMarket - post what you need or what you’ve got - Craigslist meets Twitter

Crowd-sourcing tools:

twAnswers - crowd-sourced answers to questions from the crowd

TwitHelp - crowd-sourced help from the community

Twitter Pigeon - Ask a question via Twitter and compile the answers into a single page

QuoteURL - group tweets from different people into a single page and share that page via permalink

TwttrStrm - Another ask a question, compile the answers app

Twitrans - Translate statements to another language with the help of a real person!

Link-related Tools:

Please ReTweet - adds a small retweet link to your tweets

TweetBurner - clickthrough tracking for your Twitter URL’s

TweetMyLink - Share and find links via Twitter - Like TinyURL, but for multiple URL’s at once

TwittURL’s - Tracks the most tweeted links

TweeTube - Easy sharing of Youtube vids via Twitter

TweetMeme - Awesome, Digg-like service for Twitter

MicroPlaza - really nice link listing for links shared by all your friends

To-Do List Tools:

Twit2Do - Manage a to-do list via Twitter

TwTask - another Twitter to-do list app

RetweetMe - schedule reminders to hit you via Twitter

Poll Creation Tools:

TwtPoll - Send polls via Twitter

StrawPoll - Twitter polling

PollDaddy - another polling service

File-Sharing Tools:

Acamin - file sharing via Twitter (files up to 15MB)

TweetCube - file sharing via Twitter

FileSocial - file sharing via Twitter

Twitter Background Tools:

Twitter Gallery - Easy to install Twitter backgrounds

TwitBacks - free Twitter backgrounds

Wishlist Tools:

Twishlistter - create and share a wishlist via Twitter

TwtWlst - Create a gift registry/wishlist via Twitter

Tweetmas - holiday wishlist powered by Twitter

Twitter “Walls”:

Twitwall - blog-like companion to your Twitter account

MessageDance - Like a portable Facebook Wall

Goal-related Tools:

21Tweets - Helps you form a new habit over the course of 21 days

TrackDailyGoals - Goal management via Twitter

Comment Tools:

Twonvo - Threaded view of your Twitter conversations

Twickie - archive comment strings from Twitter

Tweader - allows nested views of Twitter convos

Posting Tools

Unique & Miscellaneous Tools:

Twoxit - put a form on your site for anyone to tweet from

Twickly - lets you create a set of pre-recorded tweets for quick posting

PingVine - posts an Atom or RSS feed to your Twitter stream

SecretTweet - Anonymous tweeting; like PostSecret on Twitter

Post Like A Pirate - name pretty much says it all

Twappi - Finds someone who needs cheering up for you to tweet at

TwitterLights - highlight interesting bits from the web and tweet them from there

PleaseRT Me - adds an auto-RT link to the end of your posts

Twuulu - posts what you’re watching on Hulu for your Tweeps to see

Long-form Tweet Tools:

Twerbose - allows users to post long tweets and then links to them in twitter

Twonvert - Converts long-form tweets into 140 characters

140it - Condense long tweets down to 140 characters

Twitzer - plugin/hack that allows for longform Tweets

Scheduled Post Tools:

TweetLater - allows follower vetting for multiple accounts as well as scheduling auto-tweets and auto-DM’s

Twittertise - Allows advanced scheduling of Tweets. Also measures click-through rate of included URL’s!

FutureTweets - schedule tweets to occur in the future (including recurring tweets)

Web-based Dashboards:

Followize - web-based app for posting and reading tweets

HootSuite - manage multiple Twitter accounts from one dashboard

Tweet3 - manage multiple Twitter accounts

TweetVisor - web-based Twitter dashboard

TwitExplorer - web-based Twitter dashboard

EasyTweets - another Twitter dashboard

Twiddict - posting system that will hold tweets if Twitter is down and post when it comes back up

TweeTree - posting dashboard that allows nested view of conversations

NutshellMail - web-based dashboard that provides access to Twitter and other networks

Accessible Twitter - Easy to use dashboard - only allows mgt. of one account at a time

Blog Tools:

Twittinesis - pushes your tweets to your blog

Tweetly - auto-posts Twitter updates when you post a new Wordpress entry

LoudTwitter - posts your daily tweets to your blog

TweetRemote - lets you decide what tweets get reposted to your blog and insures that they look good when that happens.

Tweet via email Tools:

TwitterMail - Send tweets via email

EmailTwitter - Send and receive tweets via email

Travel-related Posting Tools:

Vacatweet - Twitter auto-responder for when you’re on vacay via @reply or DM

twtTRIP - tweet your travel plans

Music - Tweet songs directly in your Twitter Stream - Music sharing via Twitter

Photo Tools

MobyPicture - allows sharing of photos/videos from your mobile to Twitter (and other networks)

TwitPic - Post photos to Twitter (primarily for mobile use)

SnapTweet - share flickr photos on Twitter

PicPostr - Photo sharing on Twitter from your mobile (via email)

Portwiture - Grabs flickr photos that are relevant to your latest tweet

VisualTwitter - “What are you doing?” answered in photos only

2Tweet - Tweet multiple photos and vids via email

Search Tools - The one, the only, the official Twitter Search

FreeSearch - Hunt people down across the web and get the results via Twitter

Green Tweets - Green Tweets uses semantic language analysis to identify tweets pertaining to green issues from the public Twitter stream.

TweetJobSearch - Find job listings on Twitter

Tweetag - browse Twitter based on a keyword search

TweepSearch - find people

Spy - up-to-the-minute search tool

TweetGrid - allows you to create a grid view of search returns

Monitter - an embeddable search return form (the only embeddable one I’ve noticed) - Really interesting search that allows you to exclude terms

Icerocket - Twitter search with links to prepopulated replies

Flaptor - simple, clean search interface

Backtweets - VERY COOL! Search a URL and get the people who have linked to it on Twitter

Keyword Notification Tools:

TweetScan - scans Tweets for keywords and emails you the results periodically

Twilert - email notification of tweets containing keywords of your choice

TweetBeep - keyword notification

Twitter2Mail - monitors and sends @replies directly to you via email

Authority-based Tools:

Twithority - search Twitter by tweeps’ authority ratings

Twitority - search Twitter by tweeps’ authority ratings

Topic Trends

Top News Trends - Cross references Google Trends with Twitter for late-breaking news info

PicoBuzz - Tracks the latest trends in the public timeline

Twispot - Tracks popular topics on Twitter

Popular Tweets - shows the 10 most popular Twitter topics based on hash tags

Twopular - trends over the last hours/days/weeks/months

Twitscoop - another tag cloud tracker

Tinker - event discussion tracker

Graphic/Visual Representations of Trends:

Twist - graphic visualization of trending topics

Tweet Cloud - tag cloud visualizer of popular topics

Twitterfall - waterfall-like view of latest Twitter trends

Vlaag - another tag cloud style trend tracker

Twitter Cloud Explorer - another cloud tracker

ReTweet Related Trend-Watching Tools:

ReTwitd - tallies the most retweeted links by time period

ReTweet Radar - looks specifically at ReTweet trends


Tweetstats - great visualization of your Twitter habits

Twitter Analyzer - another stats app

Twitter Venn - compare Twitter search terms in a Venn Diagram

My Twitter Weighs a Ton - see your most popular Twitter terms

Twitalyzer - interesting stats package that’s social media oriented

Twitter Thoughts - visualization mashup for topics

TwitterCounter - graphic representation of your followers over time

Twinfluence - a quick app that measures (and explains!!) your reach, velocity, and social capital on Twitter

Twitter Charts - visualizes your tweets by day of the week and time of day

Social Collider - Really interesting visualization of your posts - not sure the value, but it’s a great infographic.

Twitter Backup Tools

Tweetake - backup your tweets

TwitterSafe - backup your tweets again

Twitter Desktop Clients




Destroy Twitter




AlertThingy - Updates Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Yammer, etc.

Sideline - search-specific air app from Yahoo (I never got it to work, though it looks pretty)

Mobile Clients

Primarily Windows Mobile:


Twitter Answers

GPS Twit





Primarily iPhone:








ReTweet - RT specific app for iPhone

Primarily for the G1:




Primarily for Blackberry:




For other phones:








Firefox Tools



Twitter StatusBar

Twitter Toolbar





Tweetpkr - really nice looking FF widget

Facebook Tools

(found on RotorBlog)

TweetSync - syncs your tweets with your status

Twitter App - from the folks at Twitter; your standard bread and butter app

Twitter Updater - Tweets your FB status (instead of statusing your tweets)

Selective Twitter Status - allows you to select which tweets go to FB by appending #FB

@Tweeter - two way street between FB and Twitter, update either

Twittervision - FB specific edition of the app listed above; allows location sharing

TwitterScore - some sort of ranking game

Grazr - a FB based Twitter reader that lets you explore your tweeps

Web Presence - collects all your social media stuff into FB

Fwitter - Twitter to FB status tool


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