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Monday, April 06, 2009

Easy way To Add Your Website To DMOZ

i'm assuming there are a lot more editors since 2006

so your site should be reviewed within days/weeks/months

if it's not reviewed in that time frame then you need to

1. look at your site to make sure it is unique
2. less ads which may make the site look spammy

If your company name is
John's Tire Store then submit it as John's Tire Store
Do not put keywords like Tires for lowriders

Description should be the same.
Offers tires
not Offers low rider tires

Most editors look at the about us page for a description

Also, editors may store your website for a time before rejecting it.
This is why it's not good to RESUBMIT more than once

Make sure it's user friendly

DMOZ are for users not for search engines.
Many people submit so they can get a backlink from DMOZ.
90% of the time they dont have user friendly site.
If you build your sites for readers, then an editor will be able to view it, and maybe approve it.
If you have a spammy site, then editors know you're just looking to get a backlink.

One more thing
Editors are busy with other things in life, and may have other things to do.
There are a lot of editors who frequent this forum so here's my recommendation.
If you say that the category doesnt get visited, then at least post the category address. Just put the category url

MAYBE you'll have the editor of the category view it, and it may remind him to check out any new submissions.
Will it work ? maybe

One last thing....
Editors also look for websites in local/regional forums or even by searching in Google.
If you participate or have high rankings then it will be a better chance for them to find you.
If they see you spamming everywhere then even think about submitting


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