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Monday, March 02, 2009

Seo Web Directory Review

Web Directories emerged to counter the seemingly vast inaccuracies of search engines. However, web directories were soon full of irrelevant and spam websites. A new breed of web directory was then formed: human community edited web directories. This form is not perfect. It is subject to the failings and whimsy of human editors. However, several directories exist which are committed to quality. One of those I believe is Seoweb2.

Using Seoweb2

Seoweb2 is arranged like any other directory. There is a main list of basic subjects which are then broken down into sub-categories. Users can browse through each category and find lists of websites. In fact, I am using Seoweb2 to find quality websites to review.

Each listing includes the name of the website, a link to the web site and up to a 35 word description of the website. The nice thing about Seoweb2 is that by and large the descriptions of the website are helpful and accurate. This reflects highly upon the editors.

Next to each listing is a chart which indicates whether the website provides audio, chat, downloads, is an editor site, games, membership, shopping and/or video. Each site is also given an editor ranking of 1,2 or 3 bars. The rankings are pretty subjective. It says more about a site that it has been included in the directory then that it has a certain ranking.

Submitting to Seoweb2

To submit a site to Seoweb2, The are Free Submit And Paid Feat and that does not guarantee inclusion into the directory. The fee is nonrefundable. The nonrefundable fee makes webmasters think twice about submitting. The essential question to ask is: is a website of quality and value? If it is, chances are it wil be accepted.

Webmasters need to follow the guidelines and be willing to abide by the Terms of Service.

Editing for Seoweb2

Remember, submitting to Seoweb2 and other web directories is an important part of your website’s link building campaign.


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