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Sunday, March 29, 2009

S E Placement Optimization

Search engine placement optimization requires you have a detailed strategy outlined. The detailed strategy should include three parts. It should include keywords, meta information, and a marketing plan.

Below I will briefly discuss the importance of keywords, meta information, and a marketing plan and how they are affected for search engine placement optimization.

Keywords: Before you even begin creating a website you should have several hundred keywords pre-established to determine exactly what keywords you want the search engines to index your website for. If you have already created your website and have not established keywords yet, it is ok because you can still do so now. In order to gain a healthy amount of keywords, you need to use a keyword tool. There are many keyword tools out there that charge outrageous fees to provide monthly search volumes in search engines, and they are all 100% false. Do not get scammed. Search engines do not release their search volumes. For the ones that used to such as Yahoo, they have reported that their search volumes are extensively inaccurate so how in the world could a keyword tool provide accurate search volumes of the search engines themselves can not figure this out? Get it now? Ok. Good. There is a free keyword tool called seobook. Google seo book keyword tool, and the exact link will pop up. Seobook gives you up to 100 keywords and estimated search volumes for free. I use them and I love them, and most importantly I don't pay a dime.

After you've gathered your keywords you need to ensure your meta information on your website is written appropriately.

Meta Information:

Meta information is the title and description tags in your website. They let the search engines know what your website is all about and they rank you accordingly. So for example, if you sold keychains and your website is, do not just put your domain name in your title tag. Your title tag should read: Keychains | In your description tags area you need to write a brief two to three sentence description about your website. Last but not least are the keywords. Put up to ten keywords in this section. Do not put more than that, otherwise the search engines will consider it keyword stuffing and they will penalize your website and possibly even de-index you from their search engine.

Marketing Plan:

The marketing plan is now ready to be put into overdrive after you have followed the advice above. Search engine placement optimization relies on backlinks and the best way to get backlinks quick, fast, and in abundance is article marketing and mass article submission. Article marketing allows you to write articles and submit them to directories. The best part as that the article directories allow you to place anchor texted backlinks in your author bio box. Obviously you would want to place your website as an anchor texted backlink in the author bio box.

If you submit enough articles to enough directories, you will be indexed for the keywords of your choice in no time.


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