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Thursday, February 12, 2009

SEO Fast High Rank in 3 Regions

1 Get a .org domain that is a main keyword.

2 Spin the WIKI content for your homepage

3 Link the top 20 results with text links (keyword) on the home page
If you are REALLY aggressive and have no fear of DMCA …in say a result where there are long-standing (5years) high ranking pages …where they wont be checked for duplicate content …like in a low-profit-loe traffic niche with many “educational” site at top ( like, not commerce sites selling stuff ) SCRAPE the top 20 pages with FILE>SAVE AS>WEBPAGE — Name as your keyword or a variation thereof. Post the html and file folders on your server and make THEM your links on your homepage.

…but … change the content at the top to post an IMAGE LINK to your $$$ page ….

4 Scrape the DMOZ links and do same

5 Post on a few blogs, wetpaint, weebly, etc.

Voila … you are now the authority site for

If you have less than 100,000 competing pages you will see results in less than two weeks …and they will stick.

Then go back and change all the text on the scraped sites to 1pt font and the same color as the background. ( That only matters if you are doing AdSense, usually )


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