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Saturday, December 27, 2008

How To Get Increased Traffic Online

Website traffic is one of the most important components to a successful online business. No traffic means no conversions, which ultimately mean no website monetization via ether pay per click, affiliate sales or sales of your own product/service. You need these actions to get paid for the work you have done, therefore you need traffic to accomplish it.

So the number one priority of every website owner is to somehow break the code and finally start pumping in some healthy traffic. Unfortunately, its easier said than done. For majority of websites operators it seems nearly impossible to find an effective way to drive traffic, let alone to somehow increase website traffic.

One of the quickest ways to increase traffic these days is to sign up for a ppc programs such as google adwords, msn adcenter or yahoo searchmarketing. It will get you almost instant traffic or, in other words, it could be called a no brainer traffic. Google approval is automatic (if you follow their guidelines) and helps you to get traffic literally in minutes. MSN and Yahoo are a little bit more involved and take a few days for an approval process to go through.

In any case, its the fastest traffic you can get. Few minutes or few days, it doesnt really matter since other methods could take months to bring you substantial traffic. And you dont have to be a computer expert or seo genius to get tons of traffic with ppc, virtually for any niche market you want. There is only one catch with ppc, but its a big one. PPC traffic is one of the most expensive types of traffic on the net.

How else could you increase web site traffic? The most obvious answer is to increase your website organic search traffic. You could boost your sites traffic by utilizing a power of press releases, web logs, social networks, article submissions, by exchanging links with other sites, implementing seo, publishing guest posts and using many other techniques to get your on line traffic increased. Its going to improve you search engine positioning and therefore drive more search engine traffic to your site.

Where do you begin? You start with the basics and check to see if you website is indexed with most popular search engines. Its vital to your website, its a way to confirm that your website really exists in the World Wide Web. Do not assume that you are indexed; you might not be, even considering an age of your site. If your site is not indexed than it wont appear in search results for any keyword. We will talk about the most time efficient way to get ahead, get indexed and be included in the main search instead of complimentary search results. Its also possible to bypass the sandbox(time period when a new website is not being indexed by search engine to prove its stability).

Please do not confuse ranking for a keyword with indexing, those are two different things. When you enter a keyword in a search engine of your choice and your site does not come up, it means you are ether not indexed or just not ranking well enough for this particular keyword. Your site might show up as a result somewhere at page 1000 that no online user cares about. Indexing, on another hand, means that your website is now part of the search engine catalog, so you could begin to work on improving your positioning/ranking.

To check if your site is indexed do the following: in any search engine type - site:yourwebsitename. For example, if your domain name is then you type " If you receive a message that no results found or alike response, it clearly indicates that your website is not indexed.


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