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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hide Your Links With htaccess

If you doing affiliate marketing then you know how important is it to hide your affiliates links, There are too many ways to do that, creating html with a Redirect meta tag for every affiliate link , Creating PHP also for every affiliate link , using frames and iFrames to hide your links , setting up domain with frame or 301 redirect.

As you noticed there are many ways to hide yours affiliate links , some of these methods used for blackhat techniques and spam so search engines doesn’t like them.

Hiding your affiliate links with htaccess is pretty much easy just edit your htaccess and add this line

Redirect /link1 http://youraffiliatelinkhere

Replace http://youraffiliatelinkhere with your affiliate link and link1 with the anchor you want to use, When you want to use this affiliate link any where in your site just add /link1 to your text.

Visit link1

The reason why i like this method is, now you can manage all your affiliate link in one single file (htaccess) instead of creating file (PHP or HTML) For each affiliate link you want to add.


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