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Friday, December 05, 2008

Earn with AdSense

Establish a significant Internet presence. To qualify for Google AdSense, you must have a significant presence on the Internet, be it a website with significant content or a blog with sufficient posts.
Setup a Google AdSense account. Go to and select "Business Solutions," then "Earn revenue with AdSense," then "How do I get started," and finally "Apply online." This will take you to a simple application. Enter the required information, including your website's URL, the type of account (Individual or Business) that you wish to establish, and personal information to allow Google to make payments.
Agree to the Google AdSense policies. Google strictly enforces a number of policies as part of the AdSense program. Read these carefully before agreeing. If you violate any policies, your Google AdSense account can be suspended or cancelled.
Decide which AdSense capabilities you wish to use. Once your account is established, log back into Google AdSense and select the "AdSense Setup" tab to generate AdSense code. Choose how you will earn revenue, from "AdSense for Content" ads, by placing a Google search box via "AdSense for Search," and/or through AdSense referrals.
Generate AdSense advertisement code. Select the type of AdSense function that you wish to add to your website or blog. Follow through the wizard, by selecting a type of ad or function, creating a general layout that will match the look of your website or blog, and further customizing AdSense. Once you have selected all of the options, Google will generate code that you can place on your site. Repeat if desired.
Drive traffic to your website or blog. The more visitors to your site, the more revenues you will generate through AdSense. Engage in marketing efforts that will drive visitors to your site, and continue to create compelling content to keep traffic coming. Because Google allows the same AdSense account to be used for multiple sites, create new websites and blogs, and place AdSense ads on them as well.
Manage your AdSense revenues. Periodically, log into Google AdSense and select the "Reports" tab. Monitor the amount of revenues that you are receiving, and pay close attention to any specific types of traffic that are generating significant revenues. Modify your sites on an on-going basis to maximize your AdSense dollars.


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