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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seo Contests - Hot or Not?

Search Marketing Contests – Hot or Not?

There are varied industry opinions around search marketing contests, some feel they are a dime a dozen and others feel it is part of the evolution of the web. So in the dawn of web 2.0 – are search marketing contests hot or not?

I think it depends on who’s putting on the contest and what they are measuring. As a search marketer myself, I am not so keen on the search marketing contests that weigh ranking alone.

No good can come from this type of contest. A ranking contest only invites entrants to utilize one of many search engine spamming techniques. True search marketers believe there is a lot more to successful SEO then ranking alone.

Search marketing contests have been going on since 2002. I have never been interested in entering until a search marketing contest from Marketing Pilgrim caught me eye.

This is not your ordinary search marketing contest, the emphasis is on “writing” not necessarily “ranking”. Contest entrants compose a 400-1000 word article on any aspect related to search. Once the article is published on the Marketing Pilgrims Blog, you have 4 weeks to raise awareness and drive “unique visitors” to your article.

The winner is awarded 10,000 worth of prizes, most of which is educational in nature;
Subscriptions to SEO tools, search marketing conference passes, and one on one time with some of today’s nationally known search marketing experts. Search marketing contests like this are definitely HOT.

I decide to enter this years Spring search marketing contest. My article topic is: “So You Wanna Be a Search Marketer” My reason for entering was simple; the scholarship is a great opportunity. The prizes allow you to refine your search marketing skills, something that I spend a lot of time and money on.

So for all of you who think such contests are a waste of time and not professional you’re truly missing out on a wonderful opportunity.


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