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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Break Into The World of Internet Business Without A Website Or Product To Sell

Wouldn't it be nice just to have one legal, ethical online business that you can trust and promote with confidence and at least have a cat in hells chance of earning an income from the internet?

In his free ebook "15 Powerful Ways CBMall Makes Money For You", Jeff Mulligan explains how to add an extra income stream to your existing internet business or even use the CBMall as a stand alone business. If you haven't guessed it already, the CB stands for Clickbank and Jeff has taken the best selling ebooks from the whole of the Clickbank market place and incorporated them into a stand alone system.

Clickbank has literally thousands of ebooks but it is the top 20 books in any one category that are the important ones. These ebooks are the best or people would not buy them. So these ebooks from each category make up the CBMall website that supply what people are currently buying, not what is becoming yesterdays read.

There are books on a huge range of topics including business, parenting, hobbies, fitness, romance, religion, making money, home improvements, marriage, sports, science and many more. The interesting thing is that CBMall's directories are similar to those used by other large websites, like Yahoo, so customers are familiar on how to use them. Ebooks can also be found through a search mechanism similar to the search engines like Google that people are also used to using. Ultimately, it is very user friendly and far better presented than Clickbanks own website which can be frustrating to use.

In "15 Powerful Ways CBMall Makes You Money " Jeff goes on to explain that owning a CBMall is both easy and economical, needing only basic internet skills to get you going. Thereafter, the system runs by itself leaving you to promote it. Jeff is also quick to point out that owning a CBMall website that consists of 100+ pages of hot selling Clickbank ebooks, does not cost you a penny in monthly fees. This has got to be a big plus for anyone who wants to own their ready to promote internet business where cost is an issue.

What I particularly like about this opportunity is not only that it is genuine and has great potential for anyone willing to promote it, but it really is a ready made business, not only for the seasoned internet marketer, but also for those with little or no internet marketing experience. For instance there is no website to build, nothing to upload and nothing to update on a regular basis and because your site is hosted for you, you will never have to pay hosting charges and, just as important, there is dedicated service and support.

For more information on Jeff Mulligan's free ebook, "15 Powerful Ways CBMall Makes Money For You" please visit

The CBMall is always being updated with the latest big sellers on Clickbank as is the CBMall system itself as Jeff Mulligan continues to improve on it. In particular, more emphasis is being placed on the needs of those new to internet marketing and this is reflected by the extensive back office that is available where all marketing material such as banners, ads and other tried and tested advertising methods can be accessed.

Online business opportunities come and go at the speed of light, but you can be sure that CBMall will be around for a long time and will continue to be popular with professionals and novices alike. Will you make money with CBMall? Why shouldn't you? You will have the products that everyone is buying, you will have a ready made web business, it will be self maintaining, you will be given extensive advice and training but in the end it will be down to you and will only be measured by the effort you put into it.

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Justin said...

Never new about CBMail before. Thanks mate :)

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