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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Next Google PageRank Update!

Everyone seems to be asking and wondering When is Google’s next PageRank update?

I keep seeing all over the net, webmasters and bloggers wondering if their PR is going up or down. SEO community and Forums are buzzing about it and I see it to often people out there who are getting so wrapped up in SEO and Page Rank they neglect the real issue; Building Quality Website or Blog.

Don’t get me wrong, Link building for PR is important part of SEO but most important thing in getting good Search Engine Rankings is CONTENT! and more Quality Content!

You still need to utilize some Crucial Search Engine Optimization principles because it will help your website or blog reach it’s potential - but don’t obsess with it.

You do need to find time to Optimize your pages and meta tags with right keywords but if you spend more time on building quality content on your website you will get ranked well in Search Engines. In fact I have couple of websites with low PRs (PR 1-2) and they do more better in the results, than the higher PR sites. Keyword usage and density both influence ranking and Google will look for these two factors and in most cases, the page with a lower pagerank (1-2) come what may still be given a better ranking.

And yes and according to this source Page Rank is being updated but remember Google is in the business of helping their users find great, authoritative and credible content on any given topic and I’m increasingly becoming convinced that the more you spend time building sites that have that content the more highly you’ll be ranked in Google.

So don’t stress too much over next Google PageRank Update and concentrate on and do your best in creating good quality content for your website or blog and PageRank will come to you.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!


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