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Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Google experiment and algo

Sorry to be away for solong just when I was gettin started. My ISP shut me down for "Abusing their SYSTEM". Not my fault they can't keep up with 5-10 comps running 50-500 different threads from one place :rofl: So anyway I switched cable companies and put up a CanTenna and I am back.

Here is the cool news you may have noticed Google cycled through about half of its listings this week. I found out some of whats going on and a neat new trick. Well an old trick that just became much stronger. So I ran out and got a brand new .info domain to test it out on Grin

The domain is a monster mouthful of keywords check this out "designw***clipped***" no dash no space no underscore. Now here are the natural keywords minus the stop terms using the new algo hack
1. design
2. esign
3. sign
4. web
5. webs
6. website
7. websites
8. sit
9. site
10. sites
11. pro
12. promo
13. promotion
14. promotions
15. motion
16. motions
17. ion
18. ions
19. seo
20. internet
21. net
22. mark
23. market
24. marketing
25. info
And yes I know the theory of wordstrings for natural keywords is not not but.....
Big bad Google in trying to protect "them" from "us" has once again changed how they weigh domain names and the words contained within them. As they struggle to give "better" search results they decided any domain with more than 1 dash or underscore is most likely trying to trick them. This is also sort of old news. The new part of all of it is this LSI. Both Yahoo and MSN have been beatin the pants off google when it comes to the way they decipher content. MSN only because they restrict their databse and Yahoo because of the age + human review advantage. So what does this mean for us? Well......
In their rush to give proper "Google LSI" results, that has been said to be a major factor for Serps since the 04 brany update made it public knowledge, they goofed big time. You can now keyword stuff a domain name and be rewarded for it. Not just a little bit either, a big fat chunk of google love awaits anyone who does it right. It only works the way I am doing it for google, but as we all know Yahoo and MSN are easy to talk into things when needed.
To give a small bit of proof I give you this the website "" if you search the keyword "web 2.0 seo" without the punctuation you will see it ranks #6 out of 28.9 mil or #4 out of 13.3 mil depending on where you are located. Yet on Yahoo and MSN it gets no love. Why? Well the site has very few links rather ugly layout to many ads not to mention it has only a few pages and is only a few weeks old. Still with all the things Google would normally use to punish it, behold it is sitting on top of Mr Matt Cutts on the page.

I will be honest even though you guys might pick on me for this. I didn't do any major black hat work on the site. Truthfully it is almost pure as snow. At the very worst you could say it is a dusty white hat maybe a nice natural kahki color. :shock:

There is 1 blog with several link from blogger but it is the real blog for the site. There are maybe a dozen no page rank sites that link to it. Only one legit link network includes it. The content is 50/50 used and original. So what makes it special?

2 Things, and 2 things only. Me being the first, and the name being the second. Lightbulb Now are you interested in my project yet?

:nerd:Well here it goes I will use the domain "" and the 25 natural somewhat related keywords and do greyhat to make it a true test of the theory. I will use 2 blogs one on blogger with no spam and one wordpress blog on the front end. I will also be using my RSSFX script in its basic form which is not quite true blackhat because I will put some limited content on each page approx 1-200 words. RSSFX uses several feed grabbers so it will have semi fresh content but not constant. I will make 1 directory for each single keyword with about 1 pages. The content for each will be within a similar field to each but not total repetition. So it will be around 300 pages to start as an unlisted brand new .info domain and I will put it on free hosting with 1 sql database. :nerd:

Yes its very basic but that is the point. You see if I am right by new year it will get top serp ratings for several high competition level keywords. Now without heavy blackhat linking and spam tricks this should not be possible but.... Mobster

It is going to happen. What use this will be to the rest of you I am not sure of yet. What I do know is I am about to get oldschool and somewhat search engine friendly to teach the old dogs a new trick Kiss

First I used a php directory listing script with an html header. This gives me a dynamic vs static front page for the site. I like to do this because It is much easier to make your page static HTML than dynamic after you have it set up. You can basically cut and paste your on page on top of itself. This allows you to make an update very easily and gives the search engines a page they like better the secons time than they do the first.

Then I put links for the blog forum and directory I installed on the front page. I also used the domain name as the title which is one long string of words. I then chopped the domain name into every word that could be made from it going down the line of letter's. This is how search engine crawlers read domain names for key words.

I also used word roots and common use abbreviations on the page that can be found within the name i.e "websites" can be "we,web.webs,website,websites,eb,ebs,bs,bsi,si,sit,site,sites,i,it,ite,te,es" each of these are words or short forms of words I also use root terms latin terms greek symbols ect. anything you can find that is used for a company product logo word in any language is a potential keyword. Then I use the main english words for titles < h > tags < b > tags and the like. This gives more SE weight to those terms. I also used each as a technorati "tag" . This lets you get ranked by the social engines for real tags and hopefully lets you claim some new ones just for you.

Then since the name is soooooo long it makes crawlers scream. I "ping" it with places like pingoat as both a "www" website and a non"www" website. This is in hopes that you make them think is is more than one page or website. This lets you be counted for your own links. That is also why I double link each section(blog directory forum). One link has no "target" tag the next does. this make them crawl the link in the site and out then back from both the www/non www links. I also used the same tactic to get "tagged" by Technorati & in more than one way. I repeat the process with the blog.

So hopefully I have been seen as 2 blogs and 2 websites. This should also make 4 index pages loOK like 8 and all should be crawled 4 times. When it works right you are marked as 16 pages from four and should be crawled 4 times as 4 different sites. Even if it only works half of the time you still look twice as big as you are and get counted for your own 100% related links. Not to mention getting 400 claims to 100 possible tags and keywords.

Not bad for only four pages.

The software I use is something special. It runs from your system to an online system that searches for your website for all your keywords. This is done with a kick in method i.e the key word "website" would be searched like this { website ""} . By using a key word and the putting your domain with it inside "quote marks" you force the search engine to relate you with that key word. Thus the kick in method. Now if you get clicked enough for that search the search engine begins to rank you for it. Doing this by hand cant get enough volume to make a big difference but if you use software on you system and run it through servers to keep changing ips with many threads on many search engines it works pretty good.

Hope this clears it up some. Find me or get me a way to contact you and I will spill some more. But due to my enjoyment of this forum I cant drop links without permission.


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