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Friday, July 25, 2008

Link Building B2B relationships with the environment

Launching links to the development of B2B environmentWhen by B2B environment presents some interesting challenges. Traditional methods are used to build relationships, rather than B2C and B2B translation. The high level of work and creativity should go to each of B2B electronic communications-building campaign.

There are several ways to establish a link between access to the building, but keep in mind that we were not always immediately contacted the trademark for the company. Link building in the B2B space must work with the same number of the case, because the ideas and diligence, as a requirement for companies.
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Leading the text a few words you can see, in connection with the relationship. In most cases, these words in describing the relationship, and this is very important for optimization. When the anchor text link was specifically requested, and that this is not the same in all sites. Google, recently changed how it classifies Web sites to remove references to the impact of all ties same anchor text. Save the value of incoming links, which create different words associated with links to your site is very important. Anchor text can not be useful, rich keywords and always use natural language. The campaign should be carried out within the period of time and trends, which brings together top factor.

Ask for contacts and exchange relations, often the first port of call, with regard to the construction campaign. Use linkdomain: Command Yahoo! Creating your competitor's site ( will attempt to connect to these sites, and it will be used at the beginning of the campaign. By targeting these sites, thereby increasing the likelihood of a link to piggy-back the work of your competitors has already been done. Seats for additional contacts with vendors and those who have.

It is inappropriate to seek connections outside their industry, or contain too many features links to your site in the independent sector. If you decide to do so, they have influence on the search engines consider your site is relevant and credible.

Search for partnerships with the community and give something back to the community we serve. If you have a commercial site, for example, you get an expert in the field of marketing to promote the article or to answer several questions each month in exchange for a series of loud links to their sites. These questions and answers, and then may become the basis of the information base. This can help you win relations between the application of these issues (at the request of a reference to the exchange of experts to present) and others who will find this basis, and link to it. Creating a business blog can offer access to public information and interesting information about the company.

This leads to linkbait, a term the number bandied. Linkbait article or blog created for the purpose of information for readers or repeal. Confidence in people a sense of humor often links with humor. Add article "Ten silliest things said in court" (lawyers), "the road to twenty people mamyat taxes" (those that finance), "Top Ten stupid spots" (marketing / advertising), either, the same way you can still ha-digg. com.

The Forum, which deals with the issue, it may also increase traffic and links. As partners to address technical issues related to the maintenance of a forum, links, for example, the profit potential forum and will send more of its members, a number of links. Together with companies linkbait your blog or on the ground, it can help drive organic link building.

Sign B2B environment is a long-term strategy, not miracles. A little creativity, patience, intelligence and partnership, can create sustainable strategy to build a natural relationship, which usually last for himself.
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