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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to Get Yahoo Answers Taffic !

Yahoo Answers is a powerful subcategory of the mighty Yahoo search engine which allows people to ask questions and receive answers from other internet users. This is the tool many people fail to leverage to build their websites traffic and get exposure, plus to build credibility of the webmasters themselves. Below are the ways I would recommend to anyone to use Yahoo Answers to further develop their websites:

Answer As Many Questions As Possible

Dedicate certain hours in a week to answer questions posted in Yahoo Answers with credible and informative information. Many people tend to promote affiliate link or bluntly promote their website without giving any reasonable answers. This is wrong. Here is the logic, if you are a person who post a question, you would be expecting some answers straight to the point and not some promotional links which does not carry much value or long winded answers.

Answer Within Your Niche

Focus in answering questions related to your site niche. Remember, you main task is to build your credibility and expose your website. Therefore, by answering questions within your niche, people who constantly read your answers will recognize your expertise.

Answer Using Certain Keywords For Search Engine

Whenever you could answer certain questions, try to pick a phrase of keywords which you would like to use in your answer. Repeat the phrase few times (usualy 3 to 4 times) or keywords density of 4% in your answers. This will help people to find your answers especially when they do a search engine queries.

Leave A Link In Your Answer

This is another reason why you need to answer question within your niche. When you provide a good and solid answer, you have the opportunity to let people know where they could get further related information by leaving a link at the bottom of your answer. The link should bring the readers straight to the page which contain the information.

Build Your Backlinks Using Yahoo Answers

Now, when ever you leave a link in your answer, you are actually building a backlink to your site. If you link as many pages within your website to certain answers, this will help further to improve your page rank and other benefits which are related to backlinks. Yahoo Answers is heavily indexed by search engines due to its dynamic content nature. Therefore, when a spider visits a newly answered questions which have links to your website pages, it will index your site too.

Many people have mentioned of using YouTube to build large amount of traffic. But Yahoo Answers too could be used to build your traffic. Remember, the answers you give does not only appear in Yahoo Answers website, but also in search engine query results. It helps to build your organic traffic which is free and more targeted.


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