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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Keyword Selection Tips

The selection of your Keyword or Keyword Phrase is perhaps the most
important step in your listing's performance.

Keyword Targeting: For best results, select a Keyword or Keyword
Phrase that is related to your product or service.

Correct Phrasing: Do NOT select meaningless keyword phrases.

Acceptable: cheap dedicated web hosting
Not Acceptable: hosting web dedicated cheap

Keywords and keyword phrases are not case sensitive so a search
for 'Clip Art' is the same as 'clip art'. However, pluralized words
such as 'webmaster' and 'webmasters' are treated as different key

Non-Alpha Numeric Characters: In general, avoid the use of any non-
alpha numeric characters in your keyword selection. Letters and
numbers are fine. Hyphens, periods, apostrophes, quotation marks,
extra spaces, and other symbols (*, =, +, %, &, @, ") should NOT be
used at all as they will cause your listing not to appear.

Acceptable: Online card games
Not Acceptable: online, *card*, games

Phrase Length: In general, the longer the keyword phrase, the less
likely it is that it will be searched. However, most single keywords
are too general to deliver targeted searcher traffic.

Our recommendation is to select a well-considered two word, or at
maximum, 3 word phrase. Recent studies have shown that more people
are now using multiple word phrases when performing searches on
the Net with the majority using two word phrases


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