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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tips and Tricks for Seo

If you're a webmaster, you know you need to bring website traffic to get success.Search Engine Optimization is a compound process of friendly web design & content writing, keyword selection,link popularity, article submission, and internet marketing for increasing more traffics on your web site.

# Web Design & Content:

Search engine friendly web design and content are the primary needs of effective Search Engine Optimization. You should avoid more programming at your web page. Web contents must be related to the site contents. It should be good without spelling mistakes and users interest.
In the world of the internet, content is the backbone of articles found on websites.

Keeping steps in mind when you write contents are :
*content is easily learn-able and definitely do-able
*Go straight to the point
*Analyze your points
*Keep it simple
*Keep it short

# Keyword Selection :

* Make key phrases for your site
* Control on spelling mistake research
* Keywords should be related to seasonal search trends
* Right keywords should be selected, that hold the key for successful website

# Link Exchanging :

Link exchanging is most important terms of obtain high PR to your site.Each incoming link to your web site can be considered as a vote. The more votes your web site achieves, the more
importance Google, and other major search engines will give to it. This means that in the all seeing eyes of search engines your web site is more relevant if it has a lot of incoming links. So

the more relevancy you can acquire for your web pages means higher search engine rankings .After your web site has been assessed for the number of incoming links Google will assign a value, called Page Rank (PR), to the web pages on your web site. This is a numeric value between 0 and 10. Higher PR indicating more importance.During reciprocal link exchange you should try to exchange link with high pr site.

# Article Submission:

Article submission is the best and perfect way of got one way link form high pr web page. Your article should be user interested and more related to the your topics. A nice content article can give high traffics and unique visitors to your site.Always use signature while writing an article.


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