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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Google Snatch

Can you imagine a way of getting INSTANT traffic to your site without paying for it?

Discover Google's Undisclosed Secret, The Free Click Formula, Hidden
Since 1998 (The Birth Of Google) ...

'The Google Ultimatum' Strategy That Allows You To Snatch Every Possible Cash Paying Customer From Every Corner Of The Web, Even If It's On Yahoo & MSN Or ANY Other Search Engine You Can Think Off ... All Done Without Spending a Single Dime!

Most importantly ... it has got NOTHING to do with blogs, list building, domain names, eBay, Adsense, social bookmarking or even Adwords! What it exposes is the NEVER-TALKED "free click formula" hidden deeply inside Google's vault since birth. A method that NOBODY wants to reveal, even the gurus...

... and as 'everyones' customer you are being misled on purpose to FAIL, so that one day you'll pack up and leave more cash on the table for people who are comfortably sitting on a formula that works! I should know ... as the day I STOPPED listening to everyone was the day I started cashing in ridiculous amounts of cash from products, services AND affiliate products.

Everyone is buzzing over Google Adwords Adwords Adwords ... 'let the world see your website in 15 minutes!' But let me tell you something ... it takes 15 minutes AFTER you have done all the legwork which takes several hours before your ads go live!

Yes, the almighty Google Adwords ... no doubt, clicks are getting more and more expensive ... are your ads making you money or are they just making Google more filthy rich??

And not to forget the world's most 'hocus pocus' technique ... SEO! Do you know what SEO means?

Search engine optimization (SEO) just means your website being accessible to the search engines to improve the chances that they will serve your website when your potential customers type in a specific search term.

So the question is... does it really take 3 months that everyone 'gossips' about to get top rankings?



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