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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Google PR Update 2007

The PR update that hasn’t happened yet. This has many webmasters wondering what’s going on. There has been 132 days since the last Google PR update, and there are many theories regarding this.
Allot of webmasters wonder if PR is something that is even going to be continued. It is reported that during the show in Seattle this very topic was discussed, could this be the beginning of the down fall of Google, or was the beginning long ago.

PR is and has been an internet commodity, bought and sold in many forums and auctions, with the delayed update Google is costing webmasters thousands of dollars, possibly more. Google has never been a company to worry about publisher “public relations”, with frequent bans from search engines or even the ad serving side of the company Adsense, it is no surprise that Google has left webmasters waiting.

Google’s pace on the internet has slowed, dropping from a 2 on Alexa to a 3. Google is now below MSN, giving a great leverage of power to the other search engines. If Rupert Murdock gets his way through the trade of MySpace for a sizable portion of Yahoo, the search engine game as we know it may change completely. If ever this is the time for Google to solidify their dominate position in the market place, yet they leave us hanging. Waiting on an arbitrary measurement that they them selves created, as well as the time line in which we could expect updates.

But with only more rules about paid links, and no PR export it is no surprise that the big G is getting less traffic. There are several theroies on this matter and all seem to have truth to them, what do you think about the next pr update? Or do you think that Google has just stopped updating webmaster’s PR? Do you feel that the likely acquisition of a portion of Yahoo to NewsCorp could play a large role in who will lead the search engine market place, keep in mind with that acquisition Yahoo would receive MySpace and all of the ad serving that comes with that


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