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Saturday, August 25, 2007

25 Ways For Website Publicity

1. Newspapers: Giving an advertisement of your website in the newspaper and its likes is a very good means to promote your website. But to maintain its reputation you have to work hard at its various factors like look, clarity of concepts, features offered and regularly updated facts.
2. Media: Giving an advertisement in T.V. or radio is a very good way to promote your website but then its for you to decide whether the website is worth such a publicity as this kind of publicity is quite expensive and the outcome of this publicity should definitely be in proportion with the amount spent in its publicity.
3. Distributing Pamphlets: You could print pamphlets with the required information about your website and distribute it among those who could actually benefit from it.
4. Website name on your stuffs: Everything that goes out of your house should carry your website name in it. This is one of the free ways to publicize your own website. These stuffs could include your carry bag, your purse, your wallet, your car, your personalized accessories, etc.
5. Sponsor Special Events: There could be various events that could be carried out in your locality which you could sponsor and make it known that this event is sponsored by These events could be anything from a small celebration of any occasion, a sports meet, an art competition, a marathon race or any other event that is quite in sync with the concept of your website.
6. Visiting cards: Get your website name printed over your visiting card, your envelopes, letter heads, etc.
7. Join forums and blogs: Join the webmaster’s forum or any other community which deals with subjects related to your website. Interact with them and influence them with your ideas and views and then make them known about your website.
8. Leave comments in blogs: If you come across a blog which has a post which deals with the subject that you have covered in your website then leave a comment in that post and type your website URL in place of your signature and ask people to visit your website to get more information about similar topics in your website, provided your website actually has more information.
9. Start Blogging: You can start a blog of your own at and write your posts and mention the recourses of these posts as your website name. Here you can also come to know what people feel about your website contents from the comments that they leave and also lead to publicity of your website.
10. Advertise in search engines: Search engine advertisements is a definite and a sure shot publicity stunt and get your website a huge amount of publicity.
11. Provide commissions (Affiliate Programs): Set up an affiliate program of your own where you can provide the necessary commission to the websites which diverts traffic to your website.
12. Link sharing: This is one of the best ways to gain publicity for your website getting your link or logo of your website with proper links to your website placed over a very popular website can increase the popularity of your website too.
13. Ezine-articles marketing: This is somewhat similar to blogging. Here you submit your articles with the resource for your article as your website name and more popular your article become over there, more publicity your website gains through its popularity, so publicity for your website using this method can be achieved only by killer articles.
14. Starts Contests: You could begin a contest of your own, wherein you could involve people to visit your website, sign up for the contests and win prizes. Keep these contests as interesting and clean as possible. You can frequently use this trick to gain publicity but assure the visitors that you actually give away prizes to the winners and display the winners list(s) and there comments as testimonials.
15. Tell Friends and Colleagues: At the initial stages of your website begin its publicity by telling about it to your friends, colleagues, relatives and the ones you know. Ask them to visit the website and then later tell about it to their friends and relatives. You could call this as mouth to mouth publicity which begins with the known ones and continues with the unknown ones.
16. Write press releases: This is again a very good way to gain popularity and there are various sources on the internet itself which provides free press releases facility.
17. Use Pictures and Videos: Most of the popular websites have interesting and attractive pictures and videos which draws more attention than mere words. This also leads to simplicity of expression of contents, proper utilization of your webpage area and a different approach to present your contents. All this makes your website quite popular.
18. Give away RSS feed: Give RSS feed [?] to your website visitors and make it easy for them to sign up for one.
19. Add ‘Tell a friend’ or ‘Bookmark Us’ or ‘Set as Homepage’ script to your website.
20. Publish videos in Make an attractive video and upload it to with proper links to your website. For more information regarding how videos can lead to huge publicity of your website click here.
21. Write articles in Wikipedia is a very popular website with millions of articles published in it. You could publish your article on a particular topic with proper links to your sites if required. You can also write your website name as the source for the reference of articles.
22. Hire public vehicles to display your website name: You could pay a particular amount to a public vehicle owner and ask them to display your website name over their vehicle or else you could even provide them vehicle accessories which carry your website name. Now this offer will rarely come across any rejections. The vehicle accessories could include seat covers, fare meter covers, vehicle mirrors, etc.
23. Free classified submissions: This is one of the free means to gain publicity for your website. Here is a list of a few classified advertising websites.
24. Free Directory Submission: You could also submit your website in popular web directories like
25. Give away Free stuffs: You can attract more and more visitors to your website by giving away free stuffs to the visitors. These free stuffs could include webmaster tools, scripts, E-books, Free downloads, Free softwares


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